Pixiv 286 and Jackie’s Entrance Gimmick

Yesterday’s fog-ridden intro had me slowed to a crawl which meant the already slow process of updating my blog just became plain unbearable, sorry about that, so today I’ll show a little more spoilerish to make up for it. But speaking of pics, let’s start of with our

285th and 286th time in the Pixiv Rankings!!!

emoji28_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbmx emoji42_by_emoji_icon-d6me1x3 emoji41_by_emoji_icon-d6me1vx emoji40_by_emoji_icon-d6me1uo emoji39_by_emoji_icon-d6me1t3 emoji38_by_emoji_icon-d6me1r8 emoji35_by_emoji_icon-d6mc2am emoji32_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbzw emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0 emoji29_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbpb emoji25_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbc6 emoji24_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbap emoji23_by_emoji_icon-d6kvb8p emoji18_by_emoji_icon-d6kva8g emoji17_by_emoji_icon-d6kva72 emoji15_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9y8 emoji14_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9wq emoji13_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9ug emoji12_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9t8 emoji09_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9n2 emoji08_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9kx emoji07_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9j0 emoji06_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9hm emoji04_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9df emoji03_by_emoji_icon-d6kv99s emoji02_by_emoji_icon-d6kv97g






Click here for Today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Jackie’s Debut Show: The Opener Scenes are churning out quickly

Dat fog, fuck that fog, but I love how cool it looks so it’s a compromise I’ll willingly work with.



DJ Swagdoka and the Weed Spirit crash this innocent talent show for being too boring, Jackie steps in and the real fun begins. But… will her show be good enough to please the spirits and make her a Cookie Fun Girl? Assuming she wants to, she’s going to have to put her back into it.

But of course, if we’re talking about a talent show then it means I have to preface it with previous groups performing.

prjjckopener2 prjjckopener1

And of course spliced between these performance snippets, which is also a way to showcase how epic the stage will look at full power… there’s Jackie getting ready for the show in the locker room.


OH WHOA, WAIT.. Dammit, I wasn’t supposed to show that…

I uploaded the wrong picture, sorry people, lemme upload the correct one.  prjjckopener7

NO NO NO…whoa… I clicked on the wrong picture again… geez, I’m just really hungry I guess, well a third time’s a charm, so…


There you go! She looks like an absolute all-american doll right there and with a matching pink phone to boot.

Just forget about the other pictures you saw… (9 w9)a the don’t exist.

Anyway time to return to work and have her do her stage entrance gimmick.

Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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4 thoughts on “Pixiv 286 and Jackie’s Entrance Gimmick”

  1. WOW! That girl is super “talented” (did anyone else notice she’s not wearing undies, hahaha). I don’t even think she needs the hairdo change – when that dress comes off nobody’s gonna be looking at her hair anyways!
    Really beautiful model, btw. There will be no way to keep Jackie out of the Cookie Fun Club after this performance! I wonder if she will take a couple hits off the DJ’s bong to boost her confidence before walking out on stage?

    1. its a possibility, but then agian I’m not a fan of “I don’t know what I’m doing” state of mind for the main character, it’s no fun if they’re not understanding what’s happening with them. At for me it’s not fun, which is why I avoid mind-control and all that stuff.

  2. This is fun, its reminding me of summer night party which is actually one of my favs of your modern works. A lot of similar components, I’m diggin it so far. I hate it when those pesky nude, behind the scenes pics find their way to the public. Maybe someone is peeking on her with their cell phone as she’s changing. Or there is a classic “Porky’s” hole in the locker room wall, and some guys are peeking in on Jackie getting some pics to trade around school, little do they know of the feast that is about to be presented to them onstage in the immediate future.

    1. Now that I’ve done the scenes of Jackie dressing up, reposting them when she shows up kinda feels repetitive at least for us viewers, maybe I could present it in a different angle or have her doing different things while she’s dressing, I’ll look into it once I’ve completed my list of things to do for the intro segment.

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