Pixiv 284 and Madoka’s smokin’ entrance

Sorry for being a little late in posting an update, rendering that epic fog really does a number on my machine and really takes a lot out of you. So anyway, I’m well rested now, so it’s time to write up today’s blog entry, starting with the…

284th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Now there’s another upcoming picture I’ll probably have to restrict to my blog here or at least in Iwara since it definitely falls into the “too hawt for Pixiv” zone, but for now, there’s still a lot more of these gifs coming up, so enjoy your ever growing collection of short fappable shots.

Swagdoka makes an entrance

Smoke the weeeeed…everyday…



…and that definitely cements Swagdoka being in the dancing scene, at least part of the audience if not the DJ role.

Ever since the Summer Night Party 2015 video, showing how the performers make an entrance onstage was something I’ve wanted to do.  For all my “live events” I’ve only done one time the performer was coming up on stage.

SummerNightParty 2015 7

And to be honest I liked how it turned out, the false premise about some guy in a suit, only for it to be Airin herself… well the elder Airin, whom quite a few have wanted to see more of.

airin sisters

Which makes me think of the possible ways Jackie can make an entrance. There’s the jump-out-of-the-pyrotechnics approach, the catapult trapdoor, some massive decoration coming down from the ceiling with Jackie sitting on it

There’s the simple walk in through the left or right wing, and there’s the lazy cut showing the dancer already there, or maybe she rides into the gym atop a pickup truck overflowing with cookies, or maybe I should throttle it down since she’s not a Cookie Fun girl yet?

What I do know is that I have to finish Swagdoka’s smoky entrance first… probably to something fitting with that bong she’s carrying.

And maybe Jackie can be walking alongside her. Now that’s an idea, sounds straight out of a pro wrestling gimmick, but then again, she does look like one.


Just look at that get up! She looks like she should be clambering up the ropes and basking in the pop, or if she was a heel, doing the good old rip-a-fan’s-autograph-book trick to generate heat.

Now that I think of it, hentai wrestling might be a reason for me to make use of those motions I have lying around my action folder.

Well let’s not get too much ahead of ourselves and focus on the task at hand. First, the previous performers or a montage of them to show it’s a school talent competition, followed by Jackie and DJ Swagdoka’s turn, followed by Charlie popping up suddenly.

Time to get back to work stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 284 and Madoka’s smokin’ entrance”

  1. It would be fun to keep with the wrestler theme and have someone interrupt her performance like discussed previously. A fun opportunity for another character cameo, maybe Airin has arrived for the cookie fun girl initiation ritual… or spunky Rin has shown up with a giant dildo.

    1. i love those gimmicky and flashy entrances in wrestling, which is something common in some singers too especially in certain other genres that work well with pyrotechnics and flashy lightshows. Or maybe the Cookie Fun Girls show up and it’s Jackie’s time to show if she can keep up with them.

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