Pixiv 282, Casual Charlie, and the Rock vs EDM race

282nd time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Sometimes I think what’s more important is that you deface the work as opposed to actual censoring them, considering how much I’ve seen lately. Unfortunately I don’t have the means to have Navi flittering about annoying the viewer by blocking the view, so I’ll post this unreleased gif here.

Enjoy emoji41_by_emoji_icon-d6me1vx

projmay ep2 - 48

Consider it a little reward for checking out this blog.

And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily treat!



The Race between Rock and Electronic

So I’ve considered a couple of scenes to put on that center screen, now of all the things I’ve mentioned yesterday,  when you offset it alongside hard pulse-pounding rock, it just seems a little too crowbar’d in. A little too sedate.

Riding a mechanical bull is one thing that would definitely fit, but that’s just one, and I need more ideas. Repetitive hip banging moves might do but I need to consider what the backdrop of that scene is all about, and it’s a little too early to rehash project may ep.2… at the very least Sakura’s Love and Joy BDSM dance or Yuri Garden maybe…you know, the way older works I have.

Hence why I then began developing the EDM version as well which is just DJ Swagdoka instead of the band. Well either its Madoka or the Dreads Guy…or Dank Vader.

As for how the concert starts I’m also working on that as well. I considered Charlie making a cameo but not butting in her sister’s show, so I ended up dressing her in jeans and a shirt, and she looks pretty good.


Well, that’s another definite score in the Band category, Charlie’s going to be shredding up her ax if I complete that route.  By the way, she’s actually shorter than Jackie…why not? I’ve seen enough anime to know that the short girl with the flat chest is the elder sister.

There’s another girl I need to dress up, and that’s Jackie herself, along with Denise, I need to fit Hinata’s warm up clothes on them and see what I can do to have them open up at the chest at least.

That’s going to be work intensive, so I’ll get to it right away.

Meanwhile, everyone enjoy your weekend and remember…


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