Pixiv 281 and improved hairdo for Denise

281st time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Our 281st Pixiv Winning Entry has some wondering if the little green plant thingy will ever use those things on her. Well in a way it did, just not in the dance floor but somewhere a little more refreshing…



Like why not outdoors in front of a shocked and unsuspecting crowd? Well for those who watched the video, it’s clear that her fabricated bad reputation has opened up everyone to like seeing her in such a state…kinda like how a pervert would have seen his dream come true seeing his favorite pornstar show up in front of him.  Judging from the scornful reception some of the girls have, Cynthia must’ve added the keywords like “masochist” to it probably.



Either way, that’s today’s Pixiv Daily  Treat, enjoy!

Denise goes to the Salon! And Jackie’s new costume

mrrcalk2 mrrcalk1

There was a problem with Denise’ hair, one that I didn’t notice until I was running a few dance motions for her. It was the lack of rigging to her bangs, something that slipped by me despite animating her run-in with the Kool-Aid truck.

Going back to my older designs, I wanted to do a scene of just Jackie, but I wanted to do it with her Galrider wig on (i.e. a blonde palette swap) after all, I did want to play with the idea that she was still shy enough to hide her identity but still willing to do a sexy show.

Now Charlie has a definite American look with her cowboy look, so I thought, why not make her little sister look more like a pro wrestler?

Now as for the Hamburglar-themed stripes… it was the result of an idea to me that maybe she’s serving “special detention” which was a good idea but… let’s be honest, the stars and stripes design just looked so good. When I see the red, white, and blue I’m thinking of wild abandon and really showing it…that untamed spirit of the wild west…so yeah, detention is definitely out.

So unless someone can convince me to do this like yet another punishment-themed-story which Project Rin and Project May have been doing, I’m taking the Airin route but instead of the the albino girl’s cloudcuckooland brain, it’s from two determined girls bursting to show the world a good time.

And I’ve noticed that this branch of the Cookie Fun saga needs to have its own Mephistopheles

…in a manner of speaking,Project Rin had Kuro, Project May has Cynthia, Airin has Glados, there’s the mad loli doctor too, so… why not a tribute to an amusing meme?


Sadly I canned the idea of a DJ Swagdoka, simply because I really wanted a band to play, and they helped fill out the empty space


As fun as this set up looks the band just looks superior in every way. Also, I ditched the Talent Show backdrop since after running a few angles, especially low ones, you don’t get to see it so….down the drain it goes. Maybe for another.


So here’s the tentative setup, ironically with all this stars and stripes, America is going to be among the ones I’m going to can  since his model is a little on the heavy side. The other guy too, leaving Swagdoka and the Dreads Guy as definite members of the band, the other two, will have to be lightweight enough

I had to switch out the animated slideshow (the ones showing the suwako posters) since a.) they took lots of space and b.) screens could do the job.

Taking cues from my previous works, having the center screen show something else, while the flanking screens show closeups of the actual show. This is far better than showing static pictures.

But it gets me thinking what to put in the center screen for this one… Sex scenes? Well sure, but that’s only for the finale segment but what about before it? What comes to mind are short snippets meant to emphasize the fun parts, like for example, Jackie running and it’s a close up of her chest, or her butt while she’s walking, still, that’s just two and I can’t have just two scenes looping.

Project May had it easy for me, just show scenes of her doing some lewd dancing in public places while her owners make fun of her would only work in a humiliation scenario which is what I’m looking to avoid for Jackie and Denise’s show. How about the reverse? How about the girls humiliating their school for…idk, being stuck up?  Engineering a boring event into something way more exciting?

That’s what I’m going to decide. Now that I have the concert scene done in about…practically one day, it’s now time to generate the scenes that’ll be playing onscreen.

Judging from how bands use it, center screens usually display some kind of video related to the message of their song, but for this situation, the song isn’t really the show but the girls, I guess it’s going to be a montage about them, but doing what? I’m not too much of a fan of just random things happening (even if some say that I do just that)…going back to May’s Ep.2 video, it’s basically showing off all the demeaning stuff they had her do.

For me, it’s important to ask “Why?”. Of course the spectacle can you make lose yourself and enjoy it. But what’s another step?

We watch an action movie and we enjoy the fight scenes but it’s a different thing when you look at it while knowing if the characters are worth caring for, if you can’t care about the characters it won’t matter how well done the delivery of that harrowing escape scene will be, just something to inflate your ego when you and your friends start making bets on who’ll survive the monster attack and who wouldn’t.

But I do have enough guidelines to make things easier. Jackie is Charlie’s sister, and she wants to follow in her footsteps, or is drawn to her appeal in something she once thought was distasteful. No nevermind her superhero bit, that’s easy to crowbar in later, but hey, haven’t you watched any superhero episodes? it’s like 50% daily life and 50% daily asskick, with the asskick having some sort of relation to the daily life grind, especially if they learned something that may have something to do with beating but the monster of the week.

I mean why not? Probably running around as Galrider kinda gives her the courage to have her tits flopping about in the open, but of course no one will believe tomboyish Jackie is the super sexy action girl so why not do a show?

Which brings me to today’s activity, I’m thinking gravure and other modelling scenes (huh,3d models modelling, modelception) for the center screen, then once that is done, we move onto the choreography used. Once that is decided, I’ll make a video of the same choreography on a simpler background and focused on close ups.

Welp, time to get to work, but first, a refreshing swim.

Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 281 and improved hairdo for Denise”

  1. I have no idea whats going on anymore so I’m just going to say keep up the good work! Tits! I hope the kinks are smoothing out with space poop deck, I forget what its called, the command party zone with Totem poles thingy that was ruining the universe. I always love that image of Suwako, oh fantasy…..her nude thigh and hip…. oh fantasy… so sexy. Your new loli DJ is hotter than Kool-aid Denise btw, maybe they should switch spots. she kinda looks like a “Raggedy Ann” doll with that tomato red IMO. I could dig on a black haired Denise though, mmmm, like Karen’s little sister or something, yep that would be sweet. I hope your summer is going well, the heat is masochisticly delicious!

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