Pixiv 280 and thanks for the Birthday Wishes

First of all, thank you everyone who greeted me a Happy Birthday


So, I’m back from a short vacation, I’ve just grown a year older…

I hate growing old… emoji18_by_emoji_icon-d6kva8g


Anytime someone references a idiotic poem or adage about the advantages of getting older, I have two words for you

“Stockholm Syndrome” emoji28_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbmx

Enough of that, now onto our…

280th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

Drum roll please!




This is a little dated, since it came on three days ago on June 13 Tokyo time, but I didn’t have time to attend to my Pixiv stuff since I was packing stuff for a couple of days hanging out at my parents’ place to gorge on nuts and berries. If it was winter I would have hibernated…

And click here for Today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!




Ship was Done and now I’m onto other scenes

I really can’t understand what’s causing the massive lag while working inside the ship. I’ve fixed some of the major offenders… well some as it still causes lagging, such as when you click on the window for some reason it locks the click and continues to rotate while crazy, yet on the other screen, it doesn’t cause the browser window doesn’t scroll up or down or mass highlight everything.

Long story short I need to dissect the room a little further and may need to throw out some other stuff.

However, as far as the setup of the scene goes it’s pretty much functional. Now as its left such an acrid taste working on it for so long for little payoff I’ve decided to move onto the other scenes.

I mean, it’s really grating on your nerves when it causes  your entire machine to screech to a halt, except for the music still playing…and no, I will not take these inane “shut down all other programs” suggestions. I have made bigger projects with those on and I’m not going to start being such a RAM hippie now or ever.

So with all the facts in hand, its something in the stage that’s causing it and i just need to carve it out, with a rusty spoon if I have to. But that will have to wait while I work on something a little more fun.

The simpler ones of course.

Now I’m a little torn on this one, mainly because I feel this is a kind of scene that really works better if I showed nothing, also because I have this urge to make this a youtube type, the kind that doesn’t show nipples and want to see how far I can get away with the sexy factor.

The main reason for this, was me wanting to expound more on the stuff I left out in Project May and Rin. I’m still very attatched to the idea of a live band playing, though I do realize it can cramp my style due to many factors, among them, having to sync up the singer’s lips match to the music (which can be easily ruined by  my cutting style)… I sort of have to think in 4 dimensions now.

Now I have done this during the Latino Collaboration project but that was because I limited the scenes of the singers actually singing. If I’m going to handle this live band like I did with Project Rin, that’ll be problematic because I only got away with it by using Spiderman and Deadpool…who have no mouths so it’s just easy for me to bob their heads around.

I’ll see how it turns out.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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