Pixiv 278 and Rigging the Stage

278th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

The Project May Ep.2 gifs are still coming, I told you there’s a lot of material I ripped from it. Again, I still cannot understand why there are so many rube goldberg machinations for a simple and vital task such as turning a video into a short gif, which is why I’ll never change my video to gif converter nor consider any other alternative until they meet these reasonable requisites such as being free and, simple, and intuitive.

\(> ワ <)/ Anyway it’s time to present today’s 278th Pixiv Ranking!!!

Drum roll please!




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Rigging the stage

Unlike my previous performing stages like Gang Den Bar and the Club Duck King, this stage will feature a little more moving parts than usual, which means I need to be extra mindful of the rigging of the bones, because you can never get too careful

retextured stage30

To begin with, I preserved the bones, leaving the ones rigged to static parts as “delete1” as placeholder name. Then comes the long, arduous process of checking each and every material group…essentially you don’t want them mixing together in the wrong way.

retextured stage31

Like for example, I don’t want to start deleting bones only for them to end up being rigged to these moving arms. It can happen, which is why you don’t just delete bones without thinking, remember, if you delete bones which is rigged to material, it’s just going to attach itself to the next bone in the line.

retextured stage32

Rule of thumb, if you’ll be working on a model with over 20 material groups, you better start labelling them. This stage has about 258 material groups… so it’s important for me to be extra mindful and take my time.

retextured stage29 retextured stage28

The results were spectacular, everything’s properly rigged, allowing me to adjust them as needed, which is perfect for the gameplay video as I wanted to show Galrider setting the decorations as part of the “My Room” showcase. I can’t justify a random or silly layout unless I show that its the product of the “player’s” sense of humor in setting up their ship’s interior.

For example, changing the bikini posters to fully nude or even explicit sexual scenes or the “player” putting down erotic dakimakura or silly decorations like singing animatronic sharks.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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