Pixiv 275 and Totem Poles

275th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

We take a break from the dancing gifs and onto some much needed uhhh… “Interaction” scenes… hurr hurr hurr. See this is why I love these style of boobs, which I’ve mentioned ad nauseam already, so just look up my previous posts to see where they come from… philistines, this just really proves that you have to think for yourself and not go by random things people say just because its popular. Had I followed what everyone else was doing this scene would not have become possible.emoji06_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9hm

But lets skip that and proceed to the Pixiv Rankings!

Drum roll please!







emoji29_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbpbI’m sure there’s a name for this trope, where they show the body and some of the face, but just the lower half so you don’t see her eyes. I find it very sexy. It’s kinda like you can see her reaction that they’re only looking at her naked torso, there’s no sight of her eyes but you can… –feel– what she’s feeling at having at her parts stared at.

Anyway for those wondering what this is, it takes place before her dancing (which is why a picture of it appears in the slideshows) in the club with some bunny girl barkers announcing her upcoming show (or maybe tour) and to entice more people into attending her humiliation show they get a couple of minutes of free groping. Well, she’s in for a long afternoon because you know that’s going to be a long line.

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I finally found a Totem Pole

Now mind you this is a little delayed since I was supposed to make a blog post yesterday but I got hooked up with searching for various decorations.

Now without showing too much spoilers, here’s two of the decorations I’ve already implemented onto the ship.

retextured stage22

I wanted to make the posters a little more than just a textured flat rectangle on the wall, so I looked high low for a an actual wall scroll. It’s pretty easy to fix so I can now clone this poster and texture them differently.

retextured stage21

I couldn’t rest until I found something that looked like some kind of Tribal oddity. Or as they were originally called, Fetishes. Yes, before it was applied to whatever stuff you’re into, it originated from the Italian word Feticiare, something to adore, and it was originally applied to the various tribal trinkets the natives venerated such as those wood statues and scary masks.

Then again, original Fetishes did look weird, as do their modern meaning does…in a certain backward context of course.

Among the other decorations I’ve already grafted but haven’t implemented yet are: a Katana Wakizashi on a stand, Surfboards with a wall mount, barrels of rhum (because they can be like space pirates, arrrrr)

Now that I think of it, besides the Japanese swords, it really has a tropical feel to it: totem poles, surfboards, and rhum… yeah.

Now a few updates to the characters themselves. Denise finally has butt jiggles added to her model, this was deceptively difficult. At first you’d think all I have to do is just copy the physics and bones of a model who had them (like Galrider) but apparently I had grafted Denise’ body from a much older model, which means her two squishy nubile cheeks were rigged differently.  That was what pretty much took most of my time from ship building.

Well I gotta get back to work, I finally feel little better now that I’m completely caught up to my updates.

Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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5 thoughts on “Pixiv 275 and Totem Poles”

  1. Some more personal items for the ship: Polynesian Tiki heads, skull and crossbones pirate flags, a mechanical bull. And I think you should “steal” the shark from Rin’s video and mount it on one of the bulkheads. While you’re at it, a stripper pole on the bridge with some blue, or green skinned alien babes performing with rock music blaring would be another welcome addition.

    1. I have considered putting Bruce the Shark there, however he’s actually huge, and given the current time of posting of the look of the stage, it looks like it’s going to be a little too crowded even for a scaled down singing shark. After all, if there’s something you’d want to see hanging on the wall, it’s an ecchi poster.

  2. Something a bit more futuristic than a stripper pole …… Add a flickering holographic projection of dancers, or people fucking. Maybe use some of May’s dance scenes, or sex scenes for that. And adding a plexiglass shower stall in the back near the Fun Station would be a good way for the heroines to clean up after battling bad guys or to just have some good clean fun!

    1. I always wondered about installing a shower in that ship, however it kinda makes me think that…are they guys gonna shower there too? Or maybe just leave as a “girls only” shower because Galrider and Denise have to remain in the bridge for any possible action they may need to take. It’s a good idea if I say so myself but I just can’t help think of the silly implications of others thinking “so the guys shower there too?” XD

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