Recovering from a few sluggish days

First a boring bitching about the weather…

emoji28_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbmx emoji28_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbmx emoji28_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbmx emoji28_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbmx emoji28_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbmx

I’m back. The last few days of bad weather really are very cruel to me. It makes me sluggish and it really plays a number on your internet connection…no I will not spare a byte off of my youtube and regular browsing. If it holds up the line, it gets axed until it learns to behave itself, break its own ribs to fit in the narrow lane I’d allot for it if it has to.emoji06_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9hm

And the heat, fucking shit. I refuse to cope with it. None of this hot mint tea crap, that is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard since supply drops and today’s pop music.

emoji14_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9wqI do it the superior American way, with tons of ice and a two liter bottle of soda, it feels like punching nature in the face, knocking it down then stomping it hard with steel-toed boots then celebrating by eating a juicy steak and bacon sandwich followed by a post-meal smoke, flicking your ashes at nature’s bruised, battered, and defeated face. It’s very satisfying, and the right thing to do.

Sometimes I’d end up staring at the screen for hours listlessly. I know I could try to sleep it off but I’ll be damned before I get heat stroke while I’m sleeping. Ice, Soda, Smokes. I sleep when the temperature reaches the Geneva Convention approved level of 10 degrees.

Forget wanting to see the world burn, I want to see the world freeze.

Now enough of my boring bitching.

I never found a name for the ship

First a look into the current improvements of Galrider’s ship

retextured stage14

retextured stage15

The back of the ship has been expanded to allow for more room not only for various knick knacks but also space for Galrider and the camera to wander around in. It’s always better to have a little more extra space than have too little and give the camera lots of crap.

retextured stage16

retextured stage11

So basically the room at the back has a hexagonal shape and I finally found a good “back” to the blue-black-and-yellow rotating platform, which I envision to be her equipping platform. And yes I put it next to a door so someone can walk in on her changing…like her boob and pussy baring outfit hid too much

emoji41_by_emoji_icon-d6me1vx   retextured stage13

However the Port side of the ship as you can see is still a little more chaotic as I have not decided what those will be. I’m thinking a small bar can be there, however those pillar things are kinda integrated with each other…long story short, deleting them would put a hole through those walls but I’ll see what I can do to cover them up.

retextured stage12

This Bridge of the ship, which I’ll call the “Chachamaru” (Plastic Little reference) as a placeholder, is where the crew spends most of their time in. In “gameplay” terms, this is the equivalent of the  player’s “Room” in MMO’s where they can customize it.

So let’s take a review of the current named features again

Equpping Station

retextured stage11

The equipping station I’m thinking needs to have an operator panel, either for the one atop the platform or for a separate operator to work on, why not? Have some blushing guy operate while looking up at her.

Mystery Engine

retextured stage9

This centerpiece of the ship’s stern just looked so cool but I think i needs to have something nestled there. I previously mentioned some kind of floating large crystal to it. But there’s more to it than just any kind scenery porn, it’s actually a kind of Suggestion. By having some kind of fictional shiny rock hovering on this machine, it conditions the viewer that there is both supernatural and science fiction in the work.

Those three pillar things

retextured stage16

These three things just beg for some kind of important hologram to rotate above those taupe-colored machine thingies. Maybe holograms of Galrider’s other possible costumes or weapons.



Now that I got most of the ship (Except for the starboard side) taken care of its time to start adding some knick knacks.

This brings to mind a hunter’s lodge with heads of deer, elephant tusks, tiger rugs etc. Which as cool as they would be… kinda doesn’t make sense if they’re space bounty hunters… why not an alien deer or alien tiger rug… you get the idea.

Then there’s the sexy posters and other stuff I’ll be harvesting form the Otaku room.

Ultimately I want most of these decorations to help tell a story.  Going back to the hunter’s lodge comparison, mounted animal heads means its an animal they personally hunted down and shot.  But seriously, her highlights as bounty hunter is some boringly-sized animal? You’d expect her resume to be taking down dragons the size of Mount Everest…though where’d she store that in a little ship is beyond me.

So now that I think of it, posters of Galrider and Denise as well as dakimakura of them suggests they also do naughty gravure on the side as well…so that means their crew aren’t just competent operators but also their fans?  Hmmm…maybe that’s why she can get them to work for peanuts.

So who are these crew? Well, I got one guy in mind already reserved. Make it two, let’s just say because they already come attached with a proper form for making out with the two girls.

Which kind of makes me think that the there should be some of that Moss Eisley or however you spell his name, you know, that bar in New Hope where Galrider and Denise can recruit possible workers.

Oh don’t worry about the space bar, I’ll just recycle an existing one. Eh? Recruit the dancing girl too? I suppose that could be done, well, why  not, space strippers with a degree in operating a ship… well, they do have to commute to and from work, right?



Even Pixiv has gone sluggish and I’ve lost count




So there you go, can’t remember which one was it so here’s some of the latest ones at the moment since I didn’t make a blog post…. was it really three days? Or did I submit multiples in one day? I don’t know, I’ve lost count, these days which have been heating up so much it really takes a lot out of you.  I have never slept so long at night due to the heat of the day, it’s disturbing, my eyes like it dark with no sunlight.


So that’s it for today, while I maybe spending extra time in the shower I am still working on my projects. When it rains it really puts extra strain on my internet, I really don’t know why, my ISP can get really crappy at times, but hopefully they’ll have that spotty connection problem finally reined in.

I am aware that the new stuff I fitted in the ship do not mesh well with the rest of the decor, however, those are the default textures while I’ll be taking my time in fitting the surrounding hues, but the time I’m done it should be darkened or lightened enough to pass muster with the rest of the ship. Well I am aware that not all of it should, since having a few disparate-looking parts speak of a great deal of customization.

Besides, like a Player Hub, things rarely will look military straight cut and be littered with a lot of personal effects of sentimental value.

Welp, time to get back to work gotta take advantage of this lack of sunshine. Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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