Pixiv 271 and All aboard the Spaceship

271st time in the Pixiv Rankings!


I can’t believe I’m about 29 entries away from reaching 300 iterations in the Pixiv Rankings! And to think this is just Project May Ep.2, there’s still Moe gear and the Galrider clips to consider.

~(^ ワ ^)~ you guys have been great, you’re the real MVP here, not me, no sir. I’m just a wiggly eringe who just submits pictures.

but anyway onto the Pixiv Rankings! \(>ワ<)/




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All aboard the Millenium Voyager Falcon Enterprise

In the immortal words of The Joker himself

As I mentioned previously, Galrider’s ship not only serves as a hub stage like that garden in Terragaia, but also an outlet for the CMNF fun. Since I see many workable scenes that can go inside the ship, like trying out different equipment and maybe even costumes, it only feels right that at least this stage be on the same par of quality as our leading girl herself.

Also, I forsee a substantial amount of scenes that can happen here, so yes, it really matters I get at least this stage looking good

retextured stage10

Now as you can see I’ve pretty much taken care of most of the front area, no I haven’t added the seats yet since I’m considering a few more furniture, like some kind of table in the middle for people to plan on, you know those scenes where the strategists hunch over this table and plan stuff. Now that’s just a random thought but bottom line is, even if you picture the chairs in front of those consoles there’s a lot of empty space in the middle that needs to be filled with something. Considering that Galrider and Denise are the ones in charge while the crew are hired to take them to point A to B, I suppose they should have the captain’s seat. Or captain’s couch

retextured stage9

Ah the mysterious engine thingy at the back, it just looked so pretty and balanced out the monotony of the back wall.I do have ideas for it but I’m keeping it a secret for now.

retextured stage8

This part of the back area i’m thinking of changing into a recreational portion, to add more of the informal nature of the ship GR is running. She and Denise don’t operate the ship though they do need to hang around the operations area for obvious purposes, so it’s only natural that they keep a bar or something close so in case they need to immediately warp to wherever their destination is, they’d be at least within earshot.

retextured stage7 retextured stage6

This blue pod thingy with the yellow lights looks like it can be her equipping pod. I think it needs to have something different against the wall. I’m picturing this pod as a kind of free-orientation kind of treadmill she can hover over she she can test stuff like how cumbersome it can be to carry which weapon around, basically do her various movements while staying in place.  Kinda like Airin’s weapon select scene in Terragaia.

Elder Corvus

Which does make me think Galrider should start out with a boring non-revealing costume for herself before she changes into the awesome version.

costume to weapon

Anyway, I’m still looking up various stages both in my library as well as the ones I haven’t gotten online to see more stuff I can use. That in itself is rather tedious but also there’s the matter of rexturing them, and those from a certain game who’s art design is rather cartoonish can get rather anal with their textures and division of vertex groups, but it’s all good. As you can see, it’s starting to piece together nicely and they’re looking less and less out of place with each other.

retextured stage5

Not that I want everything to look like that, there is a charm when some of them look like they were obviously appropriated somewhere else.

Also, if I’m going to make it a dance video like in No Life Queen then it would also make things a little more interesting rather than having to go back to the exact same shot of their ship by switching up view.

Long story short, There’s a lot of potential in this ship stage, both in the current project and the future, so I really have to invest putting up the decorations until I’m satisfied with the results. Its going to be a little tedious and work intensive…but the latter, well everything I do IS work intensive anyway.

Anyway, everyone have a wiggly Friday and a wiggly weekend, I just woke up, so I’ll go grab something to eat, take a refreshing shower, then hop back to work in MMD, in any order.

Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 271 and All aboard the Spaceship”

  1. Things appear to be taking shape, progress is definitely being made. I like the idea of a Captains couch, so sidekick Deni can snuggle up with the skipper. Maybe a navigation station with a chart table, a console or weapons station for the men to stand behind and of course a Fun station in the rear. “In the rear”, lol. Jackie can take some of the lucky crewmen back to the fun station along with Denise to demonstrate just exactly what it means to be a Galrider crew member. Total dedication to the job – whatever that “job” may be, haha. Add some posters of girls getting boned by big cocks, maybe a rug muncher too.
    I think it would be hysterical if Jackie and Denise were in the back doing girly stuff, changing outfits or something and then one of the crewmen notifies her that an enemy vessel has decloaked and is hailing them and she tells him to put them on screen. Then she walks out to the bridge totally nude and the enemy Captain says “Galrider you are outgunned and your vessel is abou…. HOLY SHIT!!!” And Jackie says “let me guess, you wanna board me, right?”

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