Pixiv 269 and the search for the perfect Starship Bridge

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Galrider: The search for Spock the perfect Starship Bridge

What’s a good sci-fi video without a shot of the bridge? You know where people say fancy schmancy variations of “pushing buttons, Captain” or where a roaring drunk Scot from the engine room insults the hell out of the ship, and bangs the pipes with a wrench, magically making everything work.

But its more than just paying homage but also a functional one for the video. As a “gameplay” video, the Bridge is the hub. Where Terragaia was a pretty much a straightforward “select menu this, change costume that” I want it to be a place for Galrider or Jackie to wander around in and talk to people, which means more steady, static shots for you my dear viewers to uhhh… research how high tech the bridge is. Yeah, research for uhhh… science.

I’ve taken a lot at quite a few of the bridge and ship interior stages and most of them just don’t suit my needs,which means I need to craft another stage.

First of all size. I don’t need it to be as huge as the bridge of the Enterprise, but I can’t have it as small as Samus’ ship. I need to have Galrider walk around and not have the camera blocked by a random doodad in the way.

I’m thinking more of like a Space RV. Where a lot but not necessarily all amenities are visible and available of the ship, it tells a lot of things.

First off, they’re a laid back crew and some super strict and regimented Star Trek ship. It gives a feeling of warmth and personality which improves a lot of things. People love things that have a personal feel to it.

Second by scaling down the ships amenities and not have every single function room it’s own stage accessible by a separate corridor it gives the idea of a compact ship and that the team is small and close with each other. When the ship is so massive and huge it feels like I have to populate the whole lot. Now this may seem strange coming from me, but the whole idea of having an huge population  where half of it is half-naked girls really underplays the sexiness of Galrider.  I could do it perhaps, but in few scenes where they go to a space station but I won’t do it as often as the Bridge scenes to prevent the overshadowing the girls too much.

Now you might be wondering about something I mentioned earlier… “a crew?” yes of course I still need to craft a few more characters, first off, a guy pilot. It’s no fun when there are no men to ogle at the girls in the ship, and I don’t mean the really dumb anime trope of girls wearing revealing clothing and getting angry when stared at, I mean the real reasonable outcomes; appreciation, and possibly sex.

Wait, this kinda sounds like those amazonian societies…men take up the desk jobs (or control panel jobs) because girls are too proud to take  up these “comfortable” roles? Or maybe the prevalence of gynoids has led to a movement of human girls taking up these jobs due to the high pay and wearing the revealing clothing because boobs means they can’t be some perfectly sculpted android meant to pass off as a human.

And yeah, CMNF purposes, and probably CFNF too since I now established that only human bounty huntresses wear what they wear.

All those “I love senpai” tropes I might be able to finally satisfy. Stuff like a girl doing a man’s job (operating a console) joining  the crew because she idolizes (note: schlicks herself to) Galrider and/or Denise and the player will opt to have the two make out to improve the operator’s skills later on.

Well I’m cutting this post short for now, you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned Jackie for a while but that’s because I don’t wanna reveal more spoilers than I have to.

Back in the pool called the internet for me, need to do some more deep diving for parts.

eringe animated

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