Pixiv 268, Flooofy Sukus, and Galrider’s Ship

268th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Today’s winning entry shows May getting a bit of sunshine…in a flashback before moving back to the present. A little bit of insider info, I wanted to make her stumble a bit during these “previously recorded” scenes played in the clubs. However the idea of adding a sound effect of the crowd laughing means others need to have their sounds, which means May too, and the KH people…it gets really hectic, so I skipped it.


Today’s winning entry brings back to the club for more intense dancing. She’s really got to keep the crowd horny and excited…but not too much or they’ll start demanding the sex show…and if elder Airin’s hiatus tells anything she’ll be needing a wheelchair, hurr hurr hurr



Flooofy Sukus and Galrider’s Ship

Why not? I totally loved the idea of having that Sukusuku maul the hell out of that gallantmon in Terragaia

sukusuku attack

They’re just so cute and fluffy and adorable… I’m talking about the Sukusuku here btw, not Airin’s soft and jiggly butt.

I think Galrider should have her own sukusku, after all, aren’t magical girls supposed to have some kind of fluffy adorable partner?

You know, like  a white kitty cat


Right now I’m in the construction phase of Galrider’s Landing Ship. Why is this important? Because for reasons I won’t say until its finished. It might end up replacing a few concepts I already introduced like the big mothership the good guys used but this one is just so fun.

So basically here are some ideas, there’s a couple of changes I have with the plot idea to equalize Jackie and Galrider’s scenes, if Galrider is all about kicking ass and Jackie is some tomboyish girl you wouldn’t want Jackie to have all the boring ordinary life stuff right? So this is what I’m working on. which means I need now to hunt for some parts I could use.  In other words doing another MMD deep dive.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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