Pixiv 266, Galrider Op Parody, NoScope Rider

My internet connection was really spotty yesterday, so I wasn’t able to be online much to respond to any questions and stuff, I do apologize

266th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Haruka takes her physics to limit with her boob-swinging choreography with enough force to send a man flying across the room with today’s Pixiv winning entry!



And now for today’s Pixiv Daily treat! Next up will be a scene change before resuming to the intense series of more hard dancing! Keep it up Haruka, if the audience gets bored, those pokemon at the back will be giving them a real show! emoji41_by_emoji_icon-d6me1vx



Video: Galrider Parody Op


So I was like thinking of how blue Jackie’s hair is and suddenly I came across a retro tokusatsu hero. I guess I can’t use Blue Flash anymore.

Gotta love these retro heroes. So goofy today but you can still feel the burning spirit in them. I had to stop regularly to do one-two karate punches.

(O AO)/ oh come on! You’d have done the same!

NoScope Rider

Galrider’s hair blocks the view of her back so using a Dead Space-esque RIG is out of the question, so I guess it’s back to using regular looking HUDS.  Well, I haven’t made the huds yet, I’m working on the action scene first.

galriderwf2 galriderwf3 galriderwf1

Now how do you ask that I manage to make multiple things happen at a time? You just have to break things down one by one. I first animated Galrider actions then added the ones reacting to her movements, in this case, the mobs.

My one problem at the moment is constructing a ragdoll, it seemed a little too problematic to do myself so I settled with just using the hit-and-crumple movements. It would have been fun to see the mobs get dragged around in their ragdoll form, but I’m going to let that minor cosmetic effect wait.

Now the hit sparks and blood effects are a must, otherwise it won’t give any impact to the hits. I have to say that I haven’t gotten around to finetuning the line particle effect of the bullets and they’re rather like those spray-and-pray type of guns. Fortunately that’s why I still keep 7.39 since the animation of MME’s go on regardless of the play state.

Anyway this segment needs more work, it still looks a little plain for me. I may add teammate action to it, like Denise and Airin (in her Black Knight Armor)

I’ll give it a shot, these mobs are rather light but Airin in her black knight armor is really heavy, maybe her Moe boss version would do? Well I’ll work on Denise and see if I can crowbar her into the confusing melee

I should be taking it wiggly this weekend.


Nah, it scrapes at me seeing how plain that corridor action was, I’ll work on it until I’m satisfied. and then I’ll feel better when I do go out to party.

So as for everyone else this wiggly weekend, party safe, have fun and keep it wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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