Pixiv 265, Cookie Fun Classics 12, And Galrider the Power Ranger

265th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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You know, it got me thinking, for the choregraphies that really took advantage of having big jiggly boobs…exactly how did Rin know what to teach her? She doesn’t have any! I wonder how it went.

“Okay for this one you need to… goddamn it I don’t have material for this!” and then they just settled for watching TV instead.

Well wherever she pulled those moves from, it sure worked very well for her.



And the saga of jiggling boobs continue with today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!




Cookie Fun Classics: No Life Queen (MMO Parody)


Technically, Arcade Girl Airin was the first time I used multiple scenes centered around a choreography, though most of the time I credit this video for that idea. I guess you can say Arcade Airin was something I didn’t really think about managing the production that way, I just thought of it as plugging in random stuff. Then Iron Loli pretty much did the same thing as well.

So what made No Life Queen apart from the previous ones was that the main choreography scene was something we were all familiar with, it’s a motion data file you’ve seen alot, like all the Elect, Galaxias, and Lamb videos you were seeing. Its like Rice, it builds up the bulk of what occupies your gut but it’s the b-rolls that really put the flavor in.

And how times have changed, we now have Project May Ep.2 where the “main scene” is actually multiple dance videos that use the same elements; all except for the choreography itself. What do I use to bridge the transition between choreographies? Why, the b-rolls of course.

Go Go Cookie Rangers! (Guitar Riff)


Special thanks to Teehee Man for editing this gif, it really made me laugh just seeing that random Rita Repulsa show up.

Today however, I’ll be juggling the main project with a short video idea I came up with, something that Galrider’s character design would fit very well when used in a parody.  I won’t say yet which parody it is,except it is something that’s well known

I’m gonna keep it short today since this one is a little heavy on the resources thanks to the ZCloud effect. Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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