Pixiv 264, Cookie fun Classics 11, Galrider’s Space Rocket

264rth Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Nnnnope…they’re still going at it, the fun bags, still jiggling like mad. I swear it’s not just silicone in there, i bet it’s some alien anti-gravity device. And no, this isn’t hindsight, I knew it was exagerrated and I wanted it to be that way. See it’s one thing to make them big, but it’s another for someone to put some kind of special material in there that adds to their true appeal.

But is there any way to tell if it’s truly some kind of alien material? Well the mad loli doctor does look a lot like Touhou’s Eirin and Eirin’s from the Moon which makes her alien…and she’s collaborating with Kuro who’s an earthling… and the only ones we know who collaborate with aliens are…. ILLOOMYNARTY CONFIRMED


Anyway, let’s get back to today’s Pixiv Daily Ranking Entry




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Anyway, I think I got carried away with that Illuminati joke, even if you look at it lorewise I still could be wrong. Well I’m like everyone else, I do make mistakes too


Cookie Fun Classics 11: Masked Narcissist

airin vega theme


Airin is a weird girl, with her head probably stuck forever in cloud cuckoo land. While she may act a little more “normal” in some videos, for most of them (including the one where she acts normal) she’s just really strange.

What even is stranger is how talented she is, then again, for someone with no sense of inhibition or shame, she’s probably having an easier picking up new skills like acrobatics, parkour, and skating. She probably is the only girl who actually needs a dildo buzzing away inside her to get her dripping because she probably took awhile to realize how sexy it feels doing her shows. This would probably explain why Charlie gets so wet like any “normal” perverted girl doing a bar top dance in a lesbian bar while Airin doesn’t juice as much.

And with that ahoge on heir head, I guess that’s pretty much a big indicator. That could also explain why the elder airin would get wet like any girl lost in the throes of the party, while her younger sister need a bit of a while to get why.

It’s also not far fetched that her elder sister actually referred her to the next batch of Cookie Fun Girls.

Galrider in the Starship Bonerprise


What kind of futuristic sci-fi setting would it be without the good guys’ space ship looking clean and simple as opposed to the bad guys’ place looking dark and menacing?

As you can tell in the picture I’ve already a placeholder for the random male crew of the star ship, I’m thinking that the girls would be using Denise’ costume.  Galrider’s outfit should be unique since she’s supposed to be a special ancient warrior.

Or idea number two. Denise is more of a freelancer type so the female crew can wear less-distracting outfits so as not to take away the spotlight from the two girls. If you refer to the short teaser video I put up in Iwara the girls in the crew didn’t wear any such revealing clothing. I do have an excuse, they’re probably an Earth crew working with the good aliens…anyway i’ll figure it out once I’ve come up with the crew uniforms for the regular girls.

Maybe it’s a kind of social stratification, which can work both ways. Maybe bounty hunter girls go about showing off that they can kick ass with a regular human body (because apparently boobs are all you need to be convinced that they’re human, never mind futuristic alien technology to make androids so human-looking) or their use of special abilities necessitate them to minimize clothing so as not to get a serious heat stroke. Or maybe their civilization is just so advanced and forward thinking that they don’t have a backward view of the human body unlike our primitive earth, and Denise is simply wearing regular civilian clothing for vanity purposes with minimal military accessories, just the bare essentials.

Which kind of makes me think of the Dirty Pair, so an alternative take on Galrider is that she and Denise are just a pair bounty hunters or maybe they’re the space equivalent of the buddy cop trope, where one is a by-the-book operator while the other is a street-smart roguish kick-the-door-shoot-first-ask questions later character.

Of course that means putting it even farther from the simpler Jackie-transforms-to-blue-haired-heroine but anyway it’s important for me to construct the needed stages first or find existing ones that mesh well with each other. I’ll worry later about lore adherence once I have all the elements I need.

So that concludes today’s blog post and progress report. As always I welcome all ideas but logistics will always be my main consideration. You’ll be suprised at how many things we take for granted simply do not exist in MMD. Temples of Doom? Enough starship interiors of the same “feel”?   They’re very few and far between. which necessitates me either constructing them, or switching out completely with a set that already exists, whichever is more economical or workable.  And yes, I always have to construct my stages because to date, very very few of them have been able to keep up with my character designs.

For now I’ve been using a few placeholder stages, but tomorrow I’ll probably be so fed up by the glaring incongruity that I’ll be doing another dive for more material.

~( ‘ w ‘ )~ that’s it for now, stay wiggly!

eringe animated

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