Pixiv 259, Cookie Fun Classics 7, Galrider Teaser

259th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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We’re almost at Two Hundred and Sixty Times! \(OAO)/ In the Pixiv Rankings!!!



Here’s the song used in that segment, in case you didn’t notice it in the credits.

I’m still convinced that Nakao-styled breasts are the best among the MMD Models, I’ve yet to hear other good suggestions



Today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Cookie Fun Classics 7: Kochi ni Muite Baby!


This was Charlotte “Charlie” May’s debut solo video,which was to be honest, just Airin with different hair color and in a cowgirl cosplay, it would take me several months later to come up with a different hairstyle for her. Maybe her trademark clothes do set her apart from the other girls, but all I see when I look at her bangs is that she’s Airin with different colored hair XD.

Also, everytime I hear the song, I’m always reminded of the Project Diva opening even though I’ve never played the game before. I don’t know maybe because it’s such a refreshing view instead of the same old store-wrecking rampage videos we see everywhere else.


Galrider Teaser Out now (and OP segment completed!)

Watch the teaser here


prjjckiebzncstl2 prjjckiebzncstl

One of the tropes I notice in some opening sequences is to show the main characters face to face with show’s bad guys. The initial idea I had was when it would show a sweeping view of the villains like a roll call but decided that by obscuring them by just showing their “mothership” and their hordes it makes them look more like a massive, menacing, faceless entity, i.e. makes them look more ominous.

Yes, I’m aware her shirt is mirrored but I don’t want to fix it. It gives the work an amateurish feel, an “honest” look, which is the idea I want to relay.

Of course it goes without saying that the sequence of scenes shown in the trailer will be different from actual Opening segment of the “episode”

Anyway, that half-view of Galrider…it looks familiar, it sounds like I got influenced somewhere… oh wait!

Goddamnit, I hate remembering that chapter (TwT)

I wish a certain cuckoo clock showed up today…then again, I’ll probably just get trash drops.

Anyway back to work, since I’m done with the opening segment it’s time to work on the fun stuff of the episode. I’m not always going to adhere to a sentai theme and may do anachronistic styles, just like how I used modern dubstep in the teaser.  Ultimately, it’s nothing that major since the major point is to keep it fun.

Stay wiggly!

Since its the weekend, you can keep wiggly by taking the day off for yourself and have a leisurely swim.

eringe animated

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One thought on “Pixiv 259, Cookie Fun Classics 7, Galrider Teaser”

  1. Im wonderin if Denise is going to have a little dance segment in the production, or maybe a cut away scene during Jackie’s bar scene where she’s off in the corner squirting ferociously or she’s one of girls on the floor providing service. Maybe she wanders off during this part and gets entangled in her own sexy skirmish somewhere else, and the two reconnect after, glowing from their power-ups.

    The trailer is good, I love the parody intro… Hi larious! That tongue action, lolololo! Very clever too, I had just finished watching an extremely awkward mmd on iwara so it was really a brilliantly seamless transition, and actually enacted the feeling of a program hijacking. I’m happy to see you got to make use of Jackie’s parkour scenes too, now I’m not so sad about her high school performance getting chopped, I’ll try to be less dramatic next time the project takes a turn, that would make for a nice outtro to this project… a flashback to Jackie in her more simple days before the invasion, days of high school squirt shows and pantsu.

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