Pixiv 257, Cookie Fun Classics 5, and the beauty pageant for the Sidekick

257th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Settle down, folks! Here’s today’s winning Pixiv Entry!



I’d have something to do say about this one, but I’ll let the video do the work for me.

Someone once asked me, why do I like shapely butts? Because they’re shapely and the “safest” to sexualize. You can have a scene of someone slapping another’s butt.

And it’s not as scandalous as idk, groping boobs or rubbing the girl’s pussy.  No, that’s just too direct.  Maybe a naked rear makes a naked front or because it can get away with a lot of things in a PG-13 setting.

“But Erin! All this boobs and pussy…!” Of course I love my melons and tacos, it’s just that as I’ve said about reviewing videos before… it’s the sum of all the parts that make something great. Girl with a great body won’t be as loveable as a very likeable or interesting girl with an average figure.  The statistics don’t lie.  Even a lot of writers are doing it, reserving the really quirky or interesting characters to the more mundane figures while giving the really hot bods some one-trick gimmick to them, it equalizes things out.

And now, don’t forget to click on the link below for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Cookie Fun Classics: Love and Joy (Sakura Kinomoto)

It’s no secret she’s one of my favorite characters, at least until other ones came along.

Now if you’ve been wondering how come I’ve never shown her pimp/friend/handler/mistress Tomoyo is because I’ve always been conflicted on her appearance. Is she supposed to be some white ghoulish MJ figure? She always looks so pale…maybe they’re related which would kinda explain a certain…quirk, hurr hurr hurr.

One thing I do have to say, if I ever have to do a new Sakura, I’m going to have to reboot her body, the Airin body looks a little stocky for her and I’m not a fan of those stick-thin loli drawings where you can see their ribcages… these are fantasy creatures, dammit! Don’t give them too much features of real people!

It’s like when someone ever mentions “lolis” and applies to real people… gross! Disgusting!  Have you ever heard of what kind of music and tastes in art those people have?

Are you disgusted, and horrified now?

Good, do not equate lolis to their so called “real-life counterparts”. It’s like saying feces is synonymous to haute cuisine.

Lolis are mythical beings, NOT those annoying sacks of plot devices that any sane person in a horror movie situation would have abandoned at the first sign of trouble.

So anyway, here’s the link to your mythical girl


The hunt for Galrider’s Sidekick


prjjackiekrteintro4 prjjackiekrteintro3 prjjackiekrteintro2 prjjackiekrteintro

Which do you prefer? A power ranger who can kick ass outside of the suit like Superman? Or needs the suit to kick ass like Ironman? So I went with both, like Batman. Bruce Wayne can kick ass, but as Batman he’s got his full suite of abilities to get the job done. Kind of like Captain America, the only reason Steve needs to be the Cap is because that Shield is really helpful.

So now that we got this all done, it’s time for me to hunt for who her sidekick should be. On a visual spectrum I feel it’s very important she gets some good contrasting.

In superhero themes, it’s pretty easy, get a sexy girl, but now it’s a problem because the main character is a sexy girl herself. So that means it’s gotta be a small breasted girl. Sure Jackie would have been a good idea, but you won’t see them in the same shot, right?

Now you might be thinking… “why not Charlie?” I prefer she has her own cast of characters.

I don’t want to show that much more pictures yet, since I wanna complete this intro sequence first.

Anyway got to get back to work.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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6 thoughts on “Pixiv 257, Cookie Fun Classics 5, and the beauty pageant for the Sidekick”

  1. Nice booty, small breasts, fantasy loli, hint at Sakura… if it looks like Sakura, smells like Sakura, it…. should totally be Elin. Those thighs and ass, Saukara would be pulling a Rin next to Elin, looking at that thick getting all jelly. I’m enjoying the classics, they’re setting up a nice platform on le chanel for some future shorts! 😉 I think Elin would need some tactical firepower and a completely bottomless powersuit, Sakura would too, and so would Sissie The Goth… Is it Kuro? That would be a catch 22 I feel, she’s already entangled too much in other areas.. unless she has a demonic doppleganger here from DOOM, bent on the destruction of real Kuro, and I don’t think she has the booty for the job.

    1. Doom(4) was so awesome! Does that means she is actually the prophesized loli? I can totally hear in the hell stage a demonic voice saying “In the beginning, there was Loli, who brought blue balls to all of the demons. So we put her through cram school and paid for her college so she grew up.”

  2. You mentioned love and joy but i have a doubt there is one called “Love and Joy EX Kokonoe Rin” but the link is just for the sakura version so i was thinking it was a mistake or just some typo.
    Another version of sakura there are tons the most faithfull for what people said on bbs was the one i have on my site because it look exactly as the anime version,after that there are the lat version and there is one that is hard to find the one you used on an intro,again most people say stuff like that because they test the models.

    Well keep the good work ( =w=)/O

    1. It happens, even I get confused on what is titled what. As far as I remember, Sakura herself has two versions, the regular one which I just posted and the BDSM version which was first featured in FC2. There was a Kokonoe Rin version though it was a heavily edited one and not the default Kakomiki body. Airin also had a short version but I’m no longer sure if it still is posted somewhere but it was a short version and the file no longer exists in my computer, don’t worry, it was nothing good and it was only a short clip meant to show case her costume…don’t get any ideas, this took place a long time ago and it wouldn’t look as good compared to my modern ones.

      1. I dont mind but the thing was that it says “Love and Joy EX Kokonoe Rin” but the link is for a video of sakura this is why i thought it was a typo because i havent seen too much videos of rin tan and when i cked your list there was the mentioned video in the list but the link wasnt correct this is the reason of thinking was a typo,and because i never found a link to download the video searching around the web.
        Anyway thats what i wanted to know.

  3. First off, I have been lax in congratulating you for cracking the rankings in Pixiv for 250+ times! That is a huge accomplishment! First off it means that you’re putting out a hell of a lot of work (250 times people – can we get some love here). It also means your art is really, really good and appreciated by many people. I would throw you a cookie party if I could 🍪🍪!! Thank you 39 for giving all of us little daily doses of happiness 🙂
    The Batman concept is a perfect fit for our tomboy Jackie and as soon as you said her sidekick must have little tits I was good, lol. Plug in whoever so long as they’ve got little tits, haha. I know it’s cross genre, but someone like Kick Ass comes to mind, but with a different costume. I spit out my morning coffee when I read another post that said she must wear a completely bottomless power outfit, HAHAHA! Pure WIN. That works for me too! Love your work , thanks for all the jiggly butts and loli fantasies – you continue to crush it!

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