Pixiv 253, Cookie Fun Classic 3, Galrider’s Henshin Scene

257th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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\(>ワ<)/ yaaaaay! thank you so much everyone!

OOO~(> ワ<)~OOO and Cookies for All!

( ‘w’ )y and now for today’s Pixiv Winning Entry



And click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat! Where May has to give a free show to random passersby in a busy street… I guess Cookie Fun Girls are responsible for half the massive car pileups in whatever city they’re in…



Cookie Fun Classic No.3: Imperishable Night (Double Counterpoint Remix)


It’s the only video I’ve put in random chat boxes onto, which is is something I may consider again considering it’s much easier for me now to do, given my new technology. Though the reason I don’t do them is because I really can’t think of things to say, I suppose all I have to do is look up youtubes for random comments.

Now that I think of it, this could be her first official appearance as a Cookie Fun Girl in terms of being shown around. What “Danse Bakone” would mean probably takes place after this is, if there was such a lore. So that means, first her coming of age party which is Yuri Garden where they get her addicted to sex and other lewd stuffs (notice the scattered yuri magazines everywhere) and then talk her into showing up in lewd venues.

Which probably means, Kuro not to be outdone, and having the motivation to do since Rin slapped her in the face, decided she’ll enter her own cute loli into the fray and thus the evil corporation was born.

Galrider Henshin Sequence






Jackie is all tomboyish and stuff, so I went for a Kamen Rider inspired manly transformation scene but when she finally becomes Galrider the bets come off and she goes all girly and stuff… until she starts to brutally X-Ray every mob in sight.

But to be honest, would I ever do fatalities? Only on mobs that can detach modularly. Like Robots or stuff. You can’t just pop off a mob’s head and expect some random blood explosion to do so, so no, slashing someone in half in not really feasible, which was why Airin’s method of dispatching someone the awesome way was stabbing them until they resemble swiss cheese.


I suppose squashing a mob’s head like grape can do. I have a theory in mind. simply synch the appearance of the blood spatter effect (known as the paint splatter effect, just color it red…or white for certain scenes) when you make the head disappear which may mean, using the OP parent bone function to just attach the destroyable head to the rest of the body.

But the other reason is that I get intimidated of the functions of a real 3d program, such as making ragdolls of the model, the only idea i can think of now is to replace the model with a ragdoll at the right moment. Which again, in theory sounds good. I do kinda have a template to work with, I have a ragdoll meiko for some reason, if I create a skeleton file of her (i.e. no vertices, just bones, hitboxes, and joints) then import the desired model to it, I can now create a ragdoll.

Another idea was to simply make the enemies (especially if they’re robots) explode. Which may sound nice but it may necessitate me having to load 3-5 explosions file (I think I have such an effect in my library but I have to make sure) and I am sure those will not come cheap with the resources like RAM.

X-Ray moves in theory are even easier, because I can simply cut to a separate video of just the skeleton reacting to the attack. Making the bones look cracked is a simple case of simply using sliders to display the cracked texture. Of course I will not be able to do bone sliders.

I know what finishers to use for cute female mobs though…take upskirt photos or just strip them naked like in Akiba Strip

Oh yes, mobs, go run straight into the crowded streets when there’s like a hundred smaller alleyways you could preserve your dignity with =w= game logic ftw.

Or I don’t know, maybe Galrider can just take it the sleazy way and bribe her mobs… give porn magazines to the boys and all-you-can-eat-dessert-coupons for the girls. Works everytime.

Easy way or the Sleazy way, either way works. Hmm… now that’s an interesting playthrough… might be a little unnerving with the eros thanatos play though.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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