Pixiv 252, Cookie Fun Classic 2, Galrider Dry Run

252nd time inthe Pixiv Rankings!

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Thank you very much for your support! m( _ _ )m   today’s Pixiv Daily Winner has blooper if  you’ve watched the entire video… her breasts look smaller… but I suppose it makes sense, I guess they expanded it a little more, either because it looks better to them that way or they just wanted to make her look more like a cow (i.e. out of spite) we’ll never know.






Cookie Fun Classics: Get Up n’ Move

nona miku get up and move

Watch the video here!


Originally exclusive to my FC2 account which, I no longer go to, here’s the video for your viewing pleasure!


Once again, special thanks to Don Deloro who helped me compress it to a much smaller size ~( >w< )~

Galrider Dry Run Test

First off, just a few updates to her costume

galrider3 galrider2

I love the idea behind plastic or whatever transparent futuristic material is used to cover her up. I’m sure I got it from an old Urushihara comic somewhere.  I like how  it can serve as a platform to put some design without blocking the great view. Well it seem to apply only for the chest area when it comes to adding silly symbols or text.

In Dead Space, the space suit has lights and stuff which basically makes it a sort of hud. It was a great idea and I think that maybe if I can hook up some kind of small screen above her butt, it might do a good job. Not just would it look cool but it directs your eyes to where the real action is at.

Now speaking of action I’ve made some motions now  for her dungeon run. Her butt jiggles when she runs, it jiggles when she lands from a jump, it jiggles when she shoots…good god, we now know where those burgers and burritos went. Well half of them at least XD.

Right now I’m focusing on her motions, once I’m done I’ll get to work on the enemies, so for now, she’s fighting invisible mobs.

galrider7 galrider6 galrider5 galrider4

I’m going to keep this white palace run short though so I can focus on other stages, like a city on fire, or a huge arena with a giant boss monster.

Aside from her “boring tomboy in jeans” form, I’m also thinking of what her “default boring costume” would be. It would make a nice youtube version, making the sexy costume give her better equipment and stats.

I was wondering what kind of music to use for the video, and this song came to mind.

Maybe I should call her Kaizo Hunter Galrider and make it the stages so IWBTG difficult, nah, not a fan of ryona. Well now that it looks so much like every other space-marine game I guess it needs loud dubstep, courtesy of Weed Vader, Dank Lord of the Spliff



That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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One thought on “Pixiv 252, Cookie Fun Classic 2, Galrider Dry Run”

  1. Girls ‘n Guns, always a crowd pleaser. That’s serious fire power. Her super loli juice packs a hell of a punch. And those um, handles you’ve added to her hips could come in handy when she’s getting plowed doggie style. Alright, back in the pool you go.

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