Pixiv 251 and Bakunyu Sentai Galrider

\(>ワ<)/ 251st time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Here we go! today’s Pixiv winning Entry is Project May ep.2 first complete exposed shot, for your viewing enjoyment.  But it was more fun watching the transition in the video since it really got crazy and hinted there was more insanity to come as the video progressed.



Don’t forget to click here for more wiggliness brought to you by the Pixiv Daily Treats!



Now I do have to say the next scene is a sort of anachronism. If this is supposed to be May’s gradual exposure to the entire world, wouldn’t it make sense that the coliseum stage would have a large screen playing her close ups of the club and not the other way around? I have thought of it but scrapped the idea since I really couldn’t bear making a too-long scene of the arena, at least not in such close scrutinity since the crowd is literally just painted onto the stands, I can’t even use the funya funya effect to make them wiggle.  Which was why I kept it short and the shots tight on May so she’ll hide the low-poly stage.


Bakunyu Sentai Galrider (No Nerfing!)


It’s the mantra I hold while I’m editing together stuff. So while Jackie’s costume in the strip bar is pretty much set, I had to think what kind of costume she would wear while out on an adventure, and somehow I ended up with this… completely random-looking sentai hentai ranger of a costume.







As much as I really love the design, for many reasons, I felt that this was more suited if she was wrestling or something, I mean, come on! she looks like a baby face wrestler in a Rumble-Roses like game.  So, I had to make her costume less nationality identifying for various purposes, amazingly I managed to wean myself off of it in just half a day, here’s the progression.




First, give her an arm encased in some kind of metal glove contraption, like those wrist-mounted computers that was such a big hit in the 50’s all the way to the late 90’s, the plastic looking sleeve helps give her a somewhat futuristic look, her belt and ears nonwithstanding.



The plain black stockings didn’t look particularly impressive so I had to find a better pattern for it. So I went back to the Americanized model and redid the texture job, the bright electric blue definitely gave her a Tron-like futuristic feel, especially with those visors.




And now this was more like it, mind you, those new boots have those wheels operational via sliders, sorry, it won’t spin but they look like solid discs of light when the autoluminous is applied so yeah, you won’t see them spin anyway.




I was deciding between going with a blue them or a black theme, her blue costume strongly resemble’s Street Fighter’s R. Mika but it also looked a little too cartoonish for me, so I worked on the black version for more updates.



Removed her skirt and whoa, she really looks slimmer now, even though I didn’t touch a vertice from any of her body materials. Well, that’s it then, the skirt goes for the wrestler costume, maybe when she’s going to finish off an opponent.


…and wtf is this? Super Loli God Super Loli? Well then, I kinda like this color, the blue hair has a very nostalgic look to it which makes her sexier simply because you know, perverting the retro classics.

Well it’s settled then, when Jackie becomes a power ranger she has blue hair and when she’s a super loli stripper she’s back to her native blond hair. Don’t worry! No one will ever recognize her.

So this’ll be her costume when running around in the action part of the game play. And some good news on the tests. Her butt jiggles really outclasses Airin’s even when running at top speed, and get this, her boobs don’t spazz wildly, another reason why I only showed Airin running from behind. Gotta love these completely controllable breasts.

But what kind of ecchi artist would I be without something “above nudity” levels of perversion? Well then, gotta find her a nice “booster” dildo .   Huh, does that mean she needs to have a beeping light like Ultraman, warning her of an imminent massive squirting before she reverts to her normal form?


Also, I have to give myself a pat on the back for coming with that totally sentai engrish sounding name: Galrider, it makes sense both in Japanese with their convention for inventing exotic names, as well as it’s pun in English… so she rides the monster of the week?  Hmmm… I think I may be stepping into UItraMari territory here, well I’m not going to do a giant girl thingy, that’s for sure, just your regular sentai action.

So before I go, time now to work on her action motions as well as still perfecting that strip club scene.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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5 thoughts on “Pixiv 251 and Bakunyu Sentai Galrider”

  1. You have such a fun job, hahaha. Thanks for sharing the various pics so we all get to see the progression of her costume. It’s like getting to peek inside your wiggly mind!
    I really dig the purplish blue hair – it connects with her roots; back to a time when she was first and foremost a tomboy. And the idea of disguising her identity by changing her hair color is as simple and whimsical as Superman disguised as Clark Kent thanks to a pair of eye glasses, lol.
    Perhaps the blinking light to indicate her “booster dildo” needs charging could be that big disk in the center of her belt? And for continuity I’d be curious to see what those leg ribbons looked like if they were that same luminous blue, but perhaps tubes, or cables wrapped around her leg instead. Something that would suggest more function to her futuristic costume. Maybe add a short comm antennae to her visor. They blue hair would also leave the door open to go back and tell the story of super sexy stripper Jackie and super loli god Jackie’s origin – tomboy Jackie.

  2. Jackie wrestler for the win! I love that black corset though, her tits look great in it. So I think you had mentioned the bar scene was going to be a power up of some sort, to bank on coins…. which she could then unlock the ability to transform into Super Hentai La Blue Jackie XX. I like the squirt orgasm concept happening during the transformation scene, that could be a glorious end to the bar dance, giant squirt supreme… she could finish up her performance with a Rin style clit spank. When it flashes back to the bar after her neon bathed transformation squirt scene everyone is covered with jackie juice, jaw dropped. Yep, that just happened, now on to more action.

    I thought it might be cool to incorporate some “parasite in city” type sex entanglements that occur throughout the action scenes with either Jackie or Airin, preferably both (of course!) Just a quick two to ten second penetration that is quickly turned into a decapitation for the lucky baddie. A nice cookie along the trail, that was the main thing lacking in TG, not enough cookies along the way, the fact of her being naked was diminished among the fixed camera angle (which you already mentioned has been resolved) and other sights to see along the path. The allure of the girls need to be periodically highlighted and exploited amongst all the action, its all about the girlies and their sweets above all, isn’t it?

    I feel like this story might be able to lead into Lolivania somehow, or maybe thats just what I’m hoping for. The basement of Duck mansion could be comprised of some catacombs where we find Jackie and Charlie’s sister Sissie, the goth loli with her little clit erect. The story picks up from there, maybe Jackie is fighting to reach her to give her her the “Whip of Masochists.” Airin is working on a whole different level though, she is trying to get to the library or someting idk yet, cant get too far ahead, must not fantasize too much on Lolivania…

  3. More comments about the booster dildo and arm thingy: The armband could be a major weapon with swords and/or rotating saw blades the protract from it at the press of a button. It could even shoot some sort of cutting laser beams and debilitating exploding orbs of light. As to how you manage to incorporate that all in there – no explanation required, it’s fantasy after all. I see you’ve designed her belt with two orbs on her hips in addition to the power warning indicator light in front they could be battery backups for her armband. When she runs low on ammo she can pop in the orbs from her belt. The belt would also be the power source for her boots if there were some sort of cables wrapped around her legs to connect the two. Those boots give Jackie the ability to um, fly! Well, at least to make incredible leaps over walls or to the tops of tall buildings. She’s sort of a hybrid ninja slash Ironman.
    Eventually she will run low on battery juice and will need more loli juice to power up. That’s when she is captured and raped by the bad guys. They pull out the dildo and use every hole as they overpower and submit her. Everyone cums, but Jackie and when the goons can’t get it up anymore one of them masturbates Jackie with her dildo and KABOOOM! Everyone lands on their ass, knocked unconscious and covered in loli cum and Jackie is back on her feet with her powers restored! She runs them through with her sword, cuts one down with her laser beam as he tries to run away and then she’s off to resume the fight elsewhere. It would be a slick little way to combine the sex and gore in your video game.

    1. or if the bad guy boss says something like “whatever you do, don’t remove that dildo” but they couldn’t take it anymore after a good experience with her ass or her mouth so they try to go for a 4P event and boom! revenge time! XD

  4. “Noooo! Don’t pull out the d…..KAA-SPLOOSH!!!” Hahaha! Greedy little bastards getting what they deserve, lol. Beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, you emphasized that Jackie’s butt jiggle is even better than Airin’s. Hard to believe that’s even possible, but something I’m definitely looking forward to see!

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