Pixiv 250 and cobbling the stage

Talk about Friday the 13th, and bad luck, I was so sleep deprived yesterday I couldn’t properly update. So sorry about that, everyone.

m( _ _ )m

But anyway why don’t we start off right with our…

250th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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Sooo there you go! Finally, thanks to advanced technology brought to you by Kagami Industries with their advanced nanofibers that explode on cue.

So click here for May uncovered in today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!



Cobbling the stages together

airintest3rdperson2 airintest3rdperson1

I sense that as much as you would like this idea of this Resident Evil style. Let’s not forget, Airin is like… you know, Solid Snake? What’s she going to do? Assassinate zombies, go into their zombie headquarters and get their zombie intel?  Wow, I wonder what kind of top secret plans these living dead have?

Step 1: braiiiiin

Step2: uuughhh…braaaaaaaiiiiin

Good lord, such detailed plans. Well to be fair, there’s gotta be a reason as to why they can somehow breach well-defended fortifications or manage to ambush walking bad-asses like Rick Grimes.

So no, I won’t be using this Airin for this kind of video, unless I can somehow justify her walking around in the dark with a super bright “hey! I’m here! shoot me!” beacon that doesn’t involve zombies.

You see, the thing with horror games is that they’re only horror if they’re not some kind of Rambo character. Silent Hill was scary because the original four games were ordinary people…yes including Heather, despite her being the technically the final boss of the original game, they’re ordinary people, they do have the means of fighting back, but the enemies are numerous and tough and ammunition is scarce.  Solid Snake wandering around silent hill would just be a cake walk, unless his nightmares make every monster into Revolver Ocelot.


But, our project is Jackie, so after the bar scenes (which I’m still working out how to balance) I decided to do something different instead of just stagnating at that phase so here…


I wanted a stage that would go well with something that had a monastic feel to it like those electronic action beats with latin chanting.

just to name a few…

While most people’s ideas for evil empire would be some dark demonic castle that’s basically all black and red, I’m more of the white and gold color scheme of bad guys who are outwardly champions of all that is right but inwardly depraved and utterly decadent.

Plus such stages just looks so squeaky clean to look at. The other reason is that I have more “good guy” armor than “bad guy” armor so yeah, why not work with what you already have?



Now since I’m not going to be really constructing a game I don’t have to really craft a whole maze, but I do feel there’s gotta be more to it than just narrow corridors and big halls. I’m thinking at least different elevations, platforms to clamber up to or at least a room full of columns where you can play crossfire… anyone remember that old DOS game?  No? I’m old.


Now that I got that hall of columns taken care of, which oddly enough reminds me of a basement parking lot…a very posh looking basement parking lot now it’s time to add a few more details, doors that lead to nowhere but add to the image that there is lots more rooms to explore, and maybe the occassional naked statue.

While other stages you’d expect from an RPG like forests and ruins would be a good idea, the modular nature and prolificness of castles and palace stages gives me lots more options of a huge stage. Though I do have to admit it’s not the same kind of look I could use for my lolivania movie.

For now though, I wanna focus giving the stage the multi-level environment it needs for Jackie to clamber around with… imagine all the good views while she’s climbing up ladders which means… yeah I may have to use dingy dungeon stages or cave stages i guess.

So in a way this project may seem more like a more hentai version of my 2015 No Life Queen video.

Terragaia doesn’t count since it was just “straight up gameplay” while this is more of a montage or showing of highlights, something that wasn’t in Terragaia, except for the fact that it “unlocked” a “hidden chapter” that allows Airin to run around in naked armor. Plus it also had it’s dull moments with the cheesy dialogue, but it was okay because games like these would tend to have dialogue so cheesy it could be used on over9000 pizzas and nachos

So a few short comings in TG that I will attempt to correct in this Jackie RPG project.

  • Jackie walking in more directions than just walking forward. Of course Airin does actually turn around, but in a real 3rd person game you do see people running to the side and other stuff, they’re people, not cars, they don’t have to pivot completely to one side. There are many reason for a player to point their camera to one thing while moving in another direction… like strafing.
  • Jackie using more than just walking or running motions to get from point A to point B. I’m thinking sliding, parkour, wall running, and jumping.
  • Using firearms and not just melee to attack. Now that I think of it, it’s easy for guns, just use a blood spatter effect and give the target an animation for being knocked down, no real need to show the high speed bullet coming out for a hit-scan weapon.
  • Get rid of the slideshow conversation and replace it with short animated cutscenes instead.

So you might be wondering what the strip club scene would be for, well i’m thinking it’s a way to use extra gold via RNGesus. I won’t put Dance Dance Revolution arrows… RNGesus will do. because it’s the bond of pain we can all share. It would be funny if I indicate someone managed to earn more gold wearing a chicken costume than a barely there bikini.

Well that’s enough musings for today, time to get back to construction work.


Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

eringe animated

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4 thoughts on “Pixiv 250 and cobbling the stage”

  1. Airin is such a little badass. One good reason to wear a high beam on her head that I can think of is so we can easily find her in the dark, throw our guns on the ground and go surrender, lol.
    “I surrender!”
    “Me too!”
    “I surrendered first!”
    Hot . Even if she just shoots us it’s not a bad way to go out, lol.
    And I would love to watch Jackie wall down every last foot of that hallway. Close my eyes and I can already see that cute ass jiggle. I get confused sometimes about the direction of your projects – have they taken a turn, or are you mulling multiple projects simultaneously? Jackie started out a tomboy and was going to do a super dirty show in her school’s gym. Then she got crazy, sexy, girlie and next thing you know she is headlining at Don Ducks mansion at a posh party. And now it sounds like you are working on a video game with her involved. Oh well, you’re the creative genius; I’m just here for the nudity. 😎

  2. Beach Boy the pimp. One thing I’ve learned is to go with the cookie flow, as long as the changes made are for the best and they typically are, it is what it is. As long as something gets released about every month or so its whatever, I must say though It does make one slightly more hesitant towards feedback because it all might be for naught. I would like to see things abbreviated at times, what might have made for a nice cookie short should have been left at that and popped for the fans and instead gets left on the cutting room floor, where as other works do favor the evolutionary process, its just when a project falls under its own weight over months of production that it gets to be fatiguing to follow. These works tend to be left more under wraps I’ve noticed, less spoilers as they should, its not fair to lead someone along.

    Sometimes though I think ideas are thrown out there for the echo, it progresses things indirectly, though from one stoner artist to another I can tell you that there are always some loose ends in the creative process, its the nature of the stimulant, and a characteristic of the artist.

    Apologies for any boundaries overstepped.

    In response to todays post, always guns, I’m liking the idea of action jackie, but would hate to see her bar dance lost in a TG. I don’t know how you would synthesis the two concepts without dilluting either, sometimes a single unit is strongest alone, a strong trait of your early works, but then again… I see your desire to tell more of a story, sometime we have to break a few bones until we figure out a traversable path. TG was awful though honestly. I revisit others often, not that one.

    I think a jackie and airin video game would be fun, but it should stay simple and action oriented having a consistent flow throughout. I cant say enough about Lolivania concept though, oh the fantasies, but would hate to flirt with the notion, on top of all the other notions I’ve flirted with that get lost on the cutting room floor, but I don’t want to create a complex. Lolivania though…shit, that needs to be an hour long excursion of tiny clits.

    I would have liked to see tomboy jackie released without burden, I would like to see less weight given on logic in an illogical fantasy world, it would allow things to progress quicker, more on the production, less on the story. Most of the story is lost anyway in a silent film, its all about whats happening then and now, its two dimensional, I know its not, but a lot does get lost.

    Though I get the stimulation of development on certain levels of the creative process and understand that if those levels don’t get stimulated the act isn’t satisfying. Its complex and a complex. I’m unsure of how to wrap this comment up, other than by saying, if you feel a project is getting lost in its evolution, cut it then, wrap it up with a bow, release it as a short everyone will love it and let the evolution be the next project. I think you put too much weight on these sometimes to be epic events, and it becomes difficult to keep up as fan, I just had a strange moment of self realization as I said that so i’ll end here. stay wigglerz.

    1. ( ‘w’ )/ you do have a point there. sometimes I feel that sending out a short video feels like I did something half-assed, like someone who throws out a balf-baked work with the intention of deceiving anyone into thinking that “hah, they won’t know” which is why i’m sometimes hesitant in throwing one out. sort of like feels like i’m “cost cutting” on quality for the sake of volume.

      however, considering that you’re not the first to tell me short stuff like this is a welcome change, i feel more encouraged now. in that case, i’ll try to make more shorter ones, be they ecchi or flat-out joke videos.

  3. How can you not like girlie girl Jackie? She is absolutely stunning. But I have a soft spot for tomboys too. They’re competitive little jocks, lol. They are freakishly athletic and toned, but tend to hide their developing bodies underneath bulky sweatshirts and jeans. Then one day they get talked into wearing a dress, or do it because they “have to” and the boys are drawn to them like flies to honey. And its a revelation; the light goes on in their head. Suddenly the boys have a whole new reason to like them 😃 and they discover a whole new way to express themselves and their budding sexuality.
    And I felt like that was going to be Jackie’s story. She’s got a prissy little sister who’s one of the Cookie Fun Girls and Jackie finally turns to her for some help. And Charlie and company are more than willing to help transform Jackie into a seductively shameless, wiggly, sex kitten. 🙀 They dress her up in some slutty outfits, put on a sleazy inappropriate show at school and ta-da! She becomes a dirtee little fuck toy and the newest member of CFC – the Cookie Fun Club.
    Jackie’s always been an attention seeker and quickly embraces her new life. She is so popular she soon finds herself headlining in Don Duck’s chain of clubs. Rin, May and Jackie are all over the covers of the gossip magazines and while their stage show antics often leave them dripping in cum they’re also dripping in cash and fame and are the envy of every young girl and the object of every man and boy’s desire.
    Whew! Haha! Well, maybe I’ll get to see that some day. I think – I’m guessing – that a lot of it has already been worked out. So maybe it would be possible to gather up what is scattered on the cutting room floor and put a video together. I’d love to see Airin, Karen and Charlie working on Jackie. Toss her old clothes in the trash and then tie her up in ribbons and bows, put her in skimpy outfits, tease her hair and powder her nose. Then spin her around to face the mirror and see her transformation for the first time. Bring in Rin to teach her some dance moves and as a final step before she premiers in the high school auditorium introduce her to some of the sex toys that she’ll be using in her act. (OMG, where did li’l sis learn so much about dildos, vibrators and butt plugs, hur, hur, hur). I can see another epic multi- episode project building! Just make the episodes shorter and more of them to keep the buzz going.

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