Pixiv 240 and Jackie’s Gems

240th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

Before we address the fabulous pink elephant in the room yesterday, let’s begin with our usual presentation of today’s Winning Pixiv Entry!

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emoji41_by_emoji_icon-d6me1vxAnd for certain people who have seen the pink elephant in the room yesterday, this should be some really effective eye medicine for you ~

But there’s still more! Here’s today’s Pixiv Daily treat!



Don Duck’s Erotic Lounge Test

Alright, let’s talk about that fabuluous pink elephant in the room. A fabuluous pink gem-encrusted elephant…

First, I gotta say… wtf, Youtube!? Why did you have to put a spoiler in the very address of the link itself? emoji32_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbzwThat’s not even being subtle, omg XD!

Anyway here’s the IwaraTV link in case you can’t see it.


But there’s more than just emotionally scarring my viewers and causing them to question their sexuality. It’s actually a test of Don Duck’s Lounge area, and if the sheer eroticism of Jecht’s Twerking didn’t distract you, it reveals an interesting feature about the stage, and that is…



And that’s basically it. It was a fun exercise for me to experiment on the stage’s rotating feature without giving any spoilers… and it explains why I was pretty much very particular in making sure the stage was literally well rounded in the composition.

Of course, due to the glaring art styles, it’s a delicate balance between finding a character who can bridge the gap between the two styles. The Dissidia and KH characters are differently sized and radically different from simpler models, so one way to do so was to add some kind of non-human character, for example, Don Duck.

But there’s also the matter of size. Models with larger file sizes can pose a problem of crashing the file, preventing me from using it, which means I’m keeping my ears open for various male models to use that aren’t so heavy. In fact I’m kinda now prevented from using quite a number of handsomely dressed men which may mean I have to edit them.

Which means I may have to modernize the stage, or find some way to bridge the discordant decor and the modern business suits.

Well if one thing’s for sure, I can definitely add Taric to the group of guys watching. Him being a rather big guy means I don’t have to populate the couch area with that much guests or girls.

Going back to Taric’s sexy video, I’m assuming you’ve also had Kaito table dancing burned into your eyes, it’s an actual motion I’ll be using in the video. Which means I’ll need another three looping choreographies to make use of or maybe I can save some space by having some of the girls just pose erotically atop the tables, nothing like staring between a cute naked girl’s spread legs like a kind of sighting system while watching what’s going on stage.

The other problem is for me to add the some of the girls servicing the customers. Blowjobs preferrably since it’s logical to keep it looping.

Though the one problem is that all the other girls are too “uniform” which feels like a waste of opportunity. I mean, why not Alice sucking a guy’s dick or Hibari from Senran Kagura doing a table dance… you know, girls you are pretty familiar with.

I mean sure the Girls Und Panzer cast is cute enough too but it feels better if the “staff” is a little more diverse, more like an ensemble cast of various girls working for Don Duck.

Anyway back to work for me, I need to continue with this ballet of loading models without causing it to crash.

eringe animated

Stay wiggly!

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One thought on “Pixiv 240 and Jackie’s Gems”

  1. I am in love with the idea of you giving us the action behind the action. Little insignificant bar girls sucking clientele cock, striking a lewd pose on someone’s table, getting down on all fours to take it in the ass. Meanwhile there’s a sex show taking place on stage with dancers switching over to do live porn. The ultimate customer experience. It’s not virtual reality, it’s the real deal. You’re watching your favorite performers have sex while the bar girls make themselves available to engage in any depravity you can dream up so long as you are making it rain cash., hur, hur. Hey, a girl’s got bills to pay! That all feeds into the idea that this is not forced, it is consensual. Maybe the first time they put a cock in their mouth it was intimidating, but now that they’re a dirty little cocksucker it’s all about the Benjamin’s baby. To see all these young girls strolling through the crowd in the nude and soliciting sex sets the tone for the kind of Gentleman’s Club this is. And Don Duck has got to be raking in a ridiculous amount of cash to get the authorities to turn a blind eye to the debauchery that is taking place on a nightly basis. Keep the bar girls! They all want to headline, so if Jackie wants to keep her job and her paycheck she’s going to have to give one hell of a show.

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