Ahogear out now on MEGA

I don’t think I have posted the HD version of the one I posted in IwaraTV, plus, given how I encoded it might not even make it visible. I was however, hung up on trying to complete Project May so I must’ve forgotten to post it, so here it is, Ahogear Solid.



Now that I think of it, it’s not really different from what Airin normally does (besides TerraGaia and Happy School) where she goes about pointlessly clothed to keep her crew happy. I kinda like that setup where the girl goes about pleasing the guys on purpose as opposed to “I was coerced” or “I’m doing it for the money”

Now then…

Right now I’m in the long process of ripping out gifs for both Ahogear as well as Project May Ep.2

I’ve also forgotten about posting May’s torture with the beads machine which I kinda dropped since I was so intent on trying to finish the next release.

So I’ll be doing the beads machine scene first then Project May Ep.2 and finally Ahogear.

Now I do have to say this process takes a long time to complete, usually the whole day, depending on the length of the video. I usually try to keep the parameters as such:  12 frames per second, and trying to keep it within the limits of Pixiv, which is usually around the 8MB mark.

And while all of this is taking place, working on MMD, what else? Currently, I’m trying to make the city stage look grander


I’ve always been wondering what other models should I add for this scene. A parade usually makes me think there’s some kind of brass band following them, as well as people waving some banners, like uhhh, the royal banner.


On the other hand I see the charm with  a smaller “ceremony” between Emily and her perverted bro. You know, those juvenile antics where a small group of friends do ecchi stuff with the only girl who hangs out with them.

Maybe she joined the army with those fanservicey outfits so her friends can see her wear them.

But if that’s the case when I might as well use Jackie instead.


It’s a contemporary setting, which means I can make use of modern devices like cameras, phones, and sex toys, and screens… I love screens. And yeah I still haven’t made other pictures of Jackie for the customized slideshow.

Ultimately, the problem with both Emily and Jackie is that they’re characters I just pulled out of the my ass, and sometimes I feel that it fells like too much of a stretch at times to just expect people to believe that these are her friends, or that her personality before all of this is a tomboy who would rather die than wear a skirt. It’s like that Star Wars prequels where they spoonfeed/forcefeed all this information onto you and expect you to feel whatever significance it’s supposed to have.

I mean sure, most viewers will have that suspension of disbelief, after all when it comes to hentai MMD we assume there’s no canon in the video besides what you already see. Len can be a horny rapist in one, a submissive in another, and an adorable pervert in a few.

Maybe the real problem then is just me coming up with scenes to show what I need to establish.  Well then, I just need to come up with scenes that are easy to understand what’s going on first.

Well that’s for now, stay wiggly! emoji13_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9ug

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