Project May Ep.2 Out now on MEGA

Mega Version is Ready for DL

The long-awaited sequel to Project May Episode One is finally out. Sorry for the long wait, everyone!

As usual, all I have done is simply arrange everything together.

After watching the video for the first time myself I have noticed some minor bloopers, as easy as they would be to fix, I feel it would just be so “arrogant” to make everything look so perfect, and I’m just an ordinary eringe ~( ‘ w ‘ )~ I make mistakes like every one else and hence why I decline to fix them.

But first, here’s the download link!Kw0j1TZB!ol_gJ9wTbUk4HkfHFezFvMZYfGA_GA6uV7KPZbFSqAM


Did you nerf anything?

So, what to talk about the video without too much spoilers? Well I can tell you about the things I did want to be in the video but declined in the end.

First of all I wanted to add a scrolling news ticker. To its credit it would have had been ripe for some jokes. There were three kinds of content I planned it to have

  • News Flashes: these would be ripe for jokes, with entries like “Probes sent to Uranus”, “Outstanding Dentist recieves Plaque”, basically news about the world at large and it gives a touch of versimilitude about the broadcast.
  • Technical Difficulties: like in Happy School, these would be messages apologizing about the stuff being hijacked into the TV before they themselves get hijacked and spout nonsense or humorous things to say
  • News Flashes about the Broadcast Hijacking: like the regular news flashes but also talk about the effects of the broadcastjacking happening around town and the rest of the world, hinting that yeah, it’s happening everywhere and to everyone.

But as interesting as these pieces of scrolling text would be, and all their potential for jokes, I did have some hurdles that justified nerfing them. Now while I plan that only some of the channels would have the tickers, it was kinda meaningless and would look simply arbitrary to decide what channel gets what kind of news ticker.  Did they just switch to a channel about news 24/7? or a channel about music videos 24/7? that means sticking more and more watermarks on the screen, except it wouldn’t make sense since it was established in the first episode that when the Pokemon X video would be streamed in, it would complete replace watermarks.

Superimposing the watermarks over some arbitrary logo I put in there would just make the video look messier than it would be.

Also, do you need to read a joke about probes in Uranus while May’s balls get squeezed really hard? This isn’t like say, Sakura’s Technololi Debut video where her vital statistics are being streamed lived because it’s supposed to be a show where you vote for your favorite idol. As far as the lore in Project May goes, they’re just watching a porno.

So, tickers were nerfed because in the end I felt they really didn’t contribute that much to the video. I mean sure it can have disturbing implications that the whole world is seeing it, but do you really need to inflate the video with some half-assed jokes and potentially ruin any mood I was trying to build into it?

And that explains why I didn’t put it there.

Another thing I nerfed was a “previously” section which would give a short recap.  This however is a practice that only makes sense for actual TV shows (i.e. back in the era where obtaining copies of the episode where difficult to find or expensive to do). But in this case, the only way you’d know about this is if you’ve heard of Project May Episode 1, which means you’d be getting it anyway and you’ want to watch it first.

It wasn’t like anyone complained in Happy School Episode 2 that I simply continued from where I left off, anyway.

I’ve watched the video now, you can tell me a few more things?

Okay, but of course I’m not going to spoil it since we do have other viewers here who haven’t.

As mentioned previously Episode 1 is setting the scenes while Episode 2 is pretty much the start of the fun with the finale being pretty much the hentai and sex scenes you can expect.

My take on episode 2 was do away with the linear method of showing choreographies from start to finish and instead, present only the choice cuts then duct tape everything together where the movements coincide with each other for some, and use intermediary scenes for others.

So to answer the question if I edited any of the dance motions, I did not, I simply cut from one choreography to another.

Now this isn’t like Happy School where it was cut up into two episodes because it would have been an hour long video or something, the only footage I’ve cut out from this project are the uninteresting takes. Which means for Episode 3, I’m going to have to bake those footage from scratch, which is a good thing because I’m getting sick of looking at that stage now.


So what Project Will You Work on next?

Haven’t decided yet to be honest. I’ll continue my current course of working on the outstanding ones, and whenever I hit a roadblock I just move onto the next. There’s Project Hinata, Project Jackie, Project Rin, some unfinished Airin Videos, and potential remakes.

I’m thinking Remakes would be a good idea, they’re simple to do and just need some minor tweaking.  Plus, a little artificial bulking up on content isn’t always a bad thing.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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4 thoughts on “Project May Ep.2 Out now on MEGA”

  1. Still lovin’ the video! VERY erotic, a little bit porno, lol, but very sexy. If you don’t like SPOILERS stop reading now:
    Can you believe I forgot you are going to make a 3rd episode? I did and so I was wondering why May was crying on stage. She is crying, because she doesn’t want the music to stop. She spotted the table full of sex toys and knows that tonight is not all about dancing. There are monster dong pokemons, well hung studs and an army of strap on fembots who are preparing to turn her knees to jelly and fuck her stupid – streamed live, on stage to a world-wide tv audience. She will be fucked and masturbated and used by a countless horde of heartless participants. She will climax and ejaculate all over the stage while being taunted and berated by the crowd and she cries because she knows that she only has minutes left until she becomes the slandered slut the gossip magazines have labeled her. All of it happening as the world watches.
    THE KISS! What a deliciously dirtee use of the kiss! Gentle, yet punishing at the same time. It is clear that Rin is Kuru’s property and if she chooses to give her to her friends as a plaything Rin gets no say in the matter. That Kuru kisses her while Cynthia masturbates her reinforces the reality that she is Kuru’s little bitch. Ever since that day when she and her father were cattle prodded into submission, she has been under Kuro’s control. I wonder what that conversation was like when Kuro slapped her ass and rubbed her little butt again?
    “Who’s ass is this Rin?”
    “It’s your ass.”
    “You’re damn right it is you little slut and I’m giving it to Cynthia tonight because she wants to fuck you. Now take this bottle of champagne over to her table and sit with her.”
    The difference in their status couldn’t be more obvious; while Kuro sits at the VIP table with Don Duck, Rin is paraded around the club nearly naked. And when she is brought in to teach our brand new centipede how to dance it is clear that she is simply a tool being used to help train May. Walking her in on all fours like a dog on a leash was diabolically genious. The whole video has a dark undertone of BDSM that does not overwhelm the production. Degrading, but irresistibly sexy. I can’t wait to see what goes on in Cynthia’s booth and on that stage in the final episode.

  2. Looking forward to the remakes, I also enjoyed the usage of “verisimilitude,” first time outside my immediate art circle Ive heard it used. I noticed after several more views how the choice choreography, I think it was “Discotheque” you had mentioned, was what worked best with breast movement and also with timing and the tempo playing. I can recognize those moves now throughout, before it was just cohesive movement to the music that i saw. Its fun to see it, like noticing the puppeteer’s strings. Designing the vid with the music in mind first I think made for a strong production.

    1. I still am in an impasse with Hinata due to the lack of supporting characters and I’m not really keen on just adding random filler characters for someone with a rich background such as hers. Once I’ve come up with a workable idea I can proceed to her project. ~( ‘w’ )~

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