Project May’s sinister remote control from hell

( ‘w’ )/ hi hi! Here’s today’s progress report.

So I’ve completed a slew of the intermediary scenes…


After all, using the typical cliche’s, the girl’s gotta get pissed off even when it’s not the guy’s fault.  All I need now is for her to punt poor Riku into orbit


But for now I have her grabbing the remote for him because obviously… a hijacked broadcast can be remedied by simply having another person wield the magical remote control.

What? You think I’m being sarcastic? Of course not! Ask everyone who has a TV and a remote control, whenever you’re not looking, that stupid little box with buttons will hide itself from you. Why else does every cable company in the west offer you services like being able to control your set top box with your smartphone or table? Because as we all know, compared to your remote, your phone will betray you less.

Seriously I swear the remote is sentient, it’s an assassin looking to snap your neck, why else does it hide even when you’re positive you know where you last put it?

Back to the topic on hand, I’ve completed a little more of May’s dancing with her costume on.

prjmydrssddemo3 prjmydrssddemo2 prjmydrssddemo1

As well as got to incorporate a little more of the unused dancing scenes.






So that’s about twelve minutes of properly setup footage with about four or five minutes give or take for additional stuff I may or may not use.

there’s also 19 seconds (subject to change) of the intro before the main scene, yes the same one I’ve mentioned before about how to transition to the club scene. While I have developed one solution, I still feel that a proper introduction via establishing shots would still be a good idea.

I am aware of my very limited knowledge of the lore, so I predict that any kind of setting I would use would be some generic nightlife city that can exist in any contemporary setting.  Given that I won’t able to pull off any in-joke with a lore I don’t know much, it rests on me to make this transition scene significant enough to make up for it.


Now once I’ve gotten this transition scene taken care off, all it takes is to wrap up the episode and maybe some clever clip to play while the credits roll.

And that’ll be it, once I’m done I can then focus now on Project Jackie and Project Rin Ep.2


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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6 thoughts on “Project May’s sinister remote control from hell”

  1. LOL, every stripper has a stage name; could it be that May has been dubbed Honey? Love the spandex regardless and those cotton panties – nom, nom, nom! Who wouldn’t want to munch on those?
    Judging from the video screens in the background it appears that May’s entrance months ago back at the pool was either captured on security cams or a certain duck’s iPhone. I wonder how it makes her feel to to those and relive that moment, rethinking her decision to wear such a scandalous swimsuit at such a young age?
    There’s also an apparent street performance that was filmed and used as footage for her stage show. Just another step in the process of dehumanizing her. Also noticed what looks to be a table set up on stage with a variety of dildos, vibrators and butt plugs which one can only hope get put to good use during her performance. No wonder May is crying, forced to dance in the nude while a video of her being violated plays in the background and a table full of sex toys to Stage Right are a precursor of more degrading sex acts she will be required to perform in front of an audience if she wants to save her balls.
    I sure hope I can view the preview today and Episode 2 when it is released. I could t view the previous trailer, or Episode 1 for several days, so I’m confident that any glitches will ultimately get worked out.

    1. Thanks for the input! As a matter of fact I’ve now updated the blog entry about it, giving a direct download via Mega. It’s stickied to the front of the page. Hopefully that should explain why May follows their orders to the letter.

      While some people might think I’m just a horrifying and hideous centipede/spider hence my penchant for such evil ideas, the reality is, stuff like this (sans the overblown histrionics and all) is actually common in real life.

      I’ve heard news of soccer players being shot simply for a slight mistake, not to mention fans of sports who commit assault and battery out of a simple discussion. Now take that kind of attitude into a world where people tame wild animals that can incinerate a town with a single sneeze, mix that with some good old hormones and that competitive drive and forcing May to publicly humiliate herself in her own hometown is pretty much regular juvenile antics you’d see in college. The way I’d see it, pedestrians passing by would just probably remark something like “huh, trainer hazing antics again.” or a cynical “hmm…never saw that trick before”

      Or as a certain blue hedgehog would say… “huh, neat!”

  2. lol there should be a public facility built for such an act. like the five points of new york. A spot commissioned by the town, zoned for debauchery. A place to go on a breezy, sunny day when you just want to get out and see someone get plowed in front of half the town, but then again the lawlessness of incessant battles akin to dog fights in such a world would free any designated boundaries required for such fantastic acts of humiliation. Though some people like to encourage a good show, and might help facilitate. Times Square would be a fun setting for a future project, all the mega screens with adverts playing, cookie fun hi-jinked broadcasting the live show happening on the street. Its like a stage and a more exhibitionist setting combined! Damn, another emmy winning production. I hope to see Rin make a nude appearance in protest of breasts, that could be a signature move too after the legendary squirt. Your fatality at the end, Rins little bare ass, shaking her fist like an old bitter man, angry about her flatness. I’m excited for May 2, Judgement May, it looks like its just around the corner. I think I’m more excited for Jackie Tits though, maybe more for the setting and story but she’s also cuter. I like her greater flexibility and fantasy as a character for outfits and style variation and settings too. Where as May is not May without her “horns” as one person called it, which is boundary establishing.

    1. Rin hijacking a show that hijacks others? Sounds like Cookienception or wrestling shows, with the latter having the girl jump in with a strap on and hump the hell out of the starlet while her theme plays and the two ringside commentators screaming “here comes Rin slithering in like a snake…WATCH OUT WATCH OUT! LKO! LKO! OUTTA NOWHERE!!!”

      1. 😀 Yess! So goood! I know how you enjoy tying stories together too. I love it! I hope to see someone crash episode two of project Rin also, in the middle of her train station humiliation scene or something:
        “Who do we have here getting off the train but none other than
        Jackie Tits, and she appears to be in rage mode Bob. This does not bode well for Rin!”
        “It sure doesn’t Bob, it sure as fuck doesn’t. AND THERE GOES THE STRAP-ON PILE-DRIVER! She is not wasting time Bob.”
        “Whoa! Rin is squirting already!”
        “Maybe next time she’ll think twice about crashing that Cookie Fun show with Jackie Tits!”
        “I tell ya Bob, Jackie is sure making an impression on the crowd very early in her career.”

  3. Thanks for providing the link. A hideous centipede would never have done that 😉
    I look forward to viewing the complete episode.

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