Squishing balls and particle effects

So I finally completed the scene where they’ll crush Haruka’s balls if she doesn’t agree to their silly ideas.


Having a huge burly pokemon do the ball-busting was a good idea except that apart from it crushing balls in its hands it should act more naturally, which is a pain considering that most of these models’ bones don’t match the usual conventions and a lot don’t even have IK chains which includes this burly Machoke fellow


So naturally I decided maybe I could have some regular human models do this with either stomping it or using a sledge hammer, but again it still required lots of noisy movement I couldn’t generate so, why not some super complicated James Bond machine?




And that’s the face anyone would have if their balls were crushed, right? That or she’s just making her impression of this guy

“Oh Erin, you’re so cruel” naaah you don’t have to be a psychopath, observation as proved by looking all over the internet states that all you need to apply for the most dastardly villain is to simply be a hormone driven individual in a highly competitive environment, also known as school; elementary, high, and college and the higher the classification the sillier it gets. That’s why hazing is a thing.

Adults on the other hand, if they wanted to teach you something or are testing if you’re worthy, would just have you do some silly task with some deep meaning behind it

But this is a visual piece and with no dialogue so naturally I have to go with the big bombastic approach. Everyone is an overacting villain with no redeemable qualities and all actions have to be larger than life.




And now for our Not-Terry-Bogard girl who probably if voiced will have to use heavy engrish, I’ve tightened up the parkour scenes by giving them the same amount of blur and diffusion.


jckieprkr2 jckieprkr1

Whatever planet they live in has a blue sun for some reason. There, you don’t have to feel weird anymore. It’s another planet with a blue sun.



It does kinda make me think that Jackie here is simply practicing and playing with her usual troupe that is until the Cookie Fun girls recruit her.

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4 thoughts on “Squishing balls and particle effects”

  1. May looks hot as a damsel in distress. All trussed up in her slave collar, restrained by some goon. The release of Part 2 can’t come soon enough! Just how far is she willing to go to save her balls?

  2. What happened to May’s perfectly perky mammaries?! They look all floppy and in anguish?! I’m hoping its just her despair bringing them down. 😦 I wonder what all the fanboys are going to say about the crushing of her balls.
    “Brutal” they’ll say to themselves, in a dimly lit dank room with a sock over their semi erect vag.
    If only Nick Cage could be summoned for green screen supporting screams for May, maybe just splice in his voice over the music for that scene, Emmy winning material right that. I won’t charge you this time. I just hope her breasts can make a full recovery from the trauma. Poor Mays boobs.

  3. Okay, I think I’ve visually processed them correctly now, shes at a reclined angle so theyre recessed a little and since theyre not separating like breasts would in that position its messing with me. I also had more time to process the contextual hilarity of this scene. “Brutal” they’ll say.

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