Jackie’s street dance and atmosphere scenes

pinkgirlintrostreetdance3 pinkgirlintrostreetdance2 pinkgirlintrostreetdance1


So i apologize I didn’t get to update the blog yesterday, I was so engrossed with trying out a lot of things and juggling a couple of projects at a time that I forgot to do so in time.

Again, I’m trying not to show too much spoilers so for now I’ll only be showing stuff from Jackie’s project.

Obviously the street dance scene I recycled from the Hinata project and I’ll probably be reshooting considering that the naruto characters with their costumes are a little too outlandish rather than modern though the stage will remain the same. So that pretty much takes care of her street dancing scenes in her normal clothes.

pinkgirlintrowarehouse2 pinkgirlintrowarehouse

Now this stage setup is incredibly atmospheric. I mixed in the PostMovie effect with a toned down Autoluminous to create the glow effect. It’s very possible I may use this to replace the stage of the Naruto street dance scene.

It also took me awhile but I now found some stages that don’t resemble a Japanese family resto. I also tried to recycle the stage from Happy School where Charlie, Karen, and Airin were eating at a burger joint, however, for some reason it’s causing a crash, and I suspect that I may have updated one of the models (very likely Airin as she did appear a lot in her school uniform after Happy School) which no longer made it compatible.

Previously I mentioned I would try to make her do sports scenes that aren’t soccer however, trying to do basket ball was just too difficult with the dribble, so I decided to just do some parkour scenes instead. I haven’t added stages to them yet, and still experimenting with some motions.  Belatedly, I think I should have put down the stages first then do the motions.

Opposite to the high intensity motions of dancing and other active activities would be slower and/or more sedate activities.

You see this in some videos, be it anime intros and music videos where the camera would pan in some panoramic background showing the character standing or sitting there taking in the view or contemplating.  People usually use this to show some kind of landmark to bring up the setting.

Maybe this idea of her being involved in such rigorous activity could be her motivation to join the other Cookie Fun Girls, think of it, she’s a girl who loves to hang out with the boys. Maybe the real reason she wears jeans and short hair is because she’s just not confident of her charm compared to the long-haired bimbos with half their ass hanging out of their miniskirt and their tits threatening to pop out of their turtlenecks.


minamindemand3  minamindemand1




That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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