American Yuyuko’s Music pretty much decided


I think I need I need to give this girl some freckles because why not? She could just be related to Charlie. You know, the token elder sibling who gives her hair a really radical new look, maybe she and the elder airin are friends (and got corrupted by the albino girl, hurr hurr, hurr)

Well then, what’ll her name be? If she’ll be related to Charlie then she’d have the same surname May. Maybe I can make a theme and give her also a deceptively masculine name… like Jackie or something, which was actually the initial name for Charlie.

And of course some might be thinking why’d I come up with Charlie in the first place, pretty easy, for some reason I kept seeing it being used as a stage name for some porn stars.

…which means it probably isn’t even their real names just like how Airin could just be a stage name passed down. It’s plausible, they can’t be that stupid; if the girls have enough intuition to know what their audience wants then it stands to reason they’re aware of what their doing means they’re keeping a tight lid on their true identities.


Wait is that the skateboard scene from Airin’s Latino video? Why not? I did say she’s friends with the elder Airin, Obviously someone’s putting ideas in her head. Obviously this is less detailed because…I don’t know, she’s clothed so there’s not reason for me to put effort in it XD

pinkgirlintro3 pinkgirlintro5

So there’s the establishing shot of the school and a three scenes of snippets of Jackie; walking in the school corridors, skateboarding during her free time, and watching TV with friends. I think it needs more snippets before the real fun begins.

It goes without saying that given how disconnected I am towards my own school life way back then, so here’s some proposed snippets for this murrican school.

  • The hallway locker room scene. Probably as simple as her closing her locker and walking away with a skateboard or her books
  • Basketball, either on the streets or on the gym. However I don’t know any such motion which means I have craft them by hand.
  • a group of cheerleader cameos
  • Parkour scenes to show show she’s athletic and isn’t some loner and that it’s a modern age as opposed to some dated period
  • schoolbus antics, haven’t decided though what kind, or maybe just her chatting with friends.

Now the question would be the transition from nice to naughty. One idea was that, as a friend sardonically told me “everybody takes a naughty selfie these days” her selfie could have come to the Dean’s attention, she gets called over, she gets that “oh I’m in trouble” look until Dean Sleazebag tells her “wanna do a show for the seniors?”

Idea number two is she gets solicited by someone she has a crush on. Pretty standard fare. Or the guys she has a crush on, I admit this is pretty much an anime trope but I’ll let it slide: a group of pretty boys every girl in campus wants.

Idea number three: she joins a sorority and it’s regular hazing antics. Maybe the sorority is composed of some very familiar girls; Airin, Charlie, Karen, etc.  it’s a nice idea except I’ve never done casual clothing for any of those girls. The school uniforms don’t count because remember, this is a western school and not a jp campus. Who knows, she could even be a fan of those girls…just me putting a complete different spin to it, or it could be the “real continuity” and ergo Happy School being just a staged event.

Anyway as usual, the only way to find out is by me actually crafting the scenes and making it write itself. so, gotta go and stay wiggly!

~( ‘w’ )~


P.S. I think I’ll consider adding subtitled dialogue for the lulz.


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2 thoughts on “American Yuyuko’s Music pretty much decided”

  1. Its that girl, from project may crowd. Who is she? She should get nekkid. All ideas sound plausible, def a cheerleader scene, maybe a shot of herself looking in the mirror in the bathroom, or putting on makeup signifying she is aware of her sex appeal.
    I like the selfie concept, mainly because I want to see it, it would position the dean’s placement on the stage, though it sounds like you’re leaning towards the Charlie connection. I’m noticing you like to establish familial ties between the girls. Maybe incorporate the two concepts somehow, selfies and sororities. The ladies would look nice in some casual threads. This new purple chica looks hot btw, maybe she’s a squirter?

  2. School bus antics: Jackie gets caught by Principal Sleazebag mooning someone out the school bus window.
    Other snipettes of school life you could use:
    Smoking in the bathroom
    Drawing a cock or pussy on the blackboard behind the teacher’s back

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