populating the gym stage (does it even have to be a gym?)

So just got back from visiting relatives.

“You should totally find someone and marry, when I was your age I…”

Ewwww, real life. I just came to pilfer extra nuts and berries to nibble on.

I just want to go home and work on my MMD’s or read or watch something more interesting, like hentai or playing online.

You know, the truly important things in life.


And now for the better part of the news.


Dark colored backups, both boys and girls for reasons I’ve mentioned before, contrasting with the brightly colored main girl, who’s placeholder name will be loli Yuyuko until I’ve figured out who she really will be.

So basically the boys and girls will be swapping places alongside loli Yuyuko depending on the choreography, so girly dancing like Lupin or Toxic, for example would have the girls joining then, then stepping aside fro the boys to sub when it’s something like Technotik or Muscle Car.

Still the stage feels like it’s not decorated enough so I’ve added these boxes off to one side.


What’s in the boxes?

Sex toys to use on her. Even if this goes on the SFW route I’ll make sure to have these boxes properly labelled so that there’s no mistake they’re full of fun things to put inside her.

I may crop out or withhold the best tidbits in my SFW projects but I make it clear what’s going on. I think, if not, this’ll be the first, or the second, I’ve lost count.


Now this empty part on the other side really bugs me.

A few ideas I’ll be trying out one by one

Cameras on tripods: it might seem to be a silly idea considering I have added camera men already (not shown in the picture though) but they do add to the voyeurism to the scene.

Spin-The-Wheel: I made one before but never implemented it, iirc it wasn’t aligned properly so the wheel would wobble as it spun. Fortunately, if push comes to shove I can simply create one from scratch thanks to me learning about Primals in PMX Editor.

As you can guess the Spin-The-Wheel would have various fun activities in it. Hurr hurr hurr, lucky guys.

Stage Attendants:  I want to skew the gender ratio onstage to having more guys than girls. I prefer the MC to be male, maybe the Tanuki guy, while the assistants will be the im@s girls in bunnysuits, maybe just two.

A bunch of sin sacks waiting their turn for the sex show segment could also be waiting at the back of the stage as well. Or maybe the school’s dean watching from onstage.


Who knows?

I just have to be a little more patient considering that with this much already in the file, I can’t put in everything, some will have to be nerfed.


Now as for the music, I’m still torn on what to use. Now keep in mind that since I do my editing non-linearly it does allow me a greater amount of freedom, however the overall design of the performing stage still plays a major role on what kind of songs can be played.


Knowing that school faculty tends to be old-fashioned old foggies with outdated tastes mean that retro music fits well with those colored lights and it kinda contributes to the idea that the whole school is in it, as opposed to it just being a guerilla show hosted by some of the students.

Of course it doesn’t have to be retro, any mainstream trash can also do.

Should I go with that kind of sound, having a DJ will no longer be necessary, as it can be explained by some sound crew at the back on the PA.

In case you noticed the later pages didn’t feature the flags since I had done my construction work on an earlier version which turned out better.

With the DJ out of the way (if I go that route) it would make sense that I can put something a little more mundane of the middle area. Like a title of the event.

“Daisyvale Miss Dancehall Queen 2016” while it doesn’t sound so catchy it matches the usual boring flavor of an actual campus. I’m just pulling random names out of my ass when it comes to the school’s name. Daisyvale, Daisyville, Daisylane, Fairview, etc.


Now for Project May, you think I wasn’t doing anything with it? It’s now clocking in at 13 minutes of footage all arranged and probably gonna run for a couple more minutes.


So here’s my current roadblock, about a two minute scene to fill in. This is how much time I need for Haruka’s entrance into the bar. I think I have a solution now for it but I won’t say because…spoilers.

It’s pretty much the reason I don’t talk about it. I can talk about the pink girl’s video because the setting alone really doesn’t tell much. Also, Synergy, because whatever I do with each project can be recycled into each other. A good example would be the collaboration project which was an early version of the Iron Loli contest. Don’t believe me? It’s the exact same choreography used where Airin is in a super elaborate bikini dancing on that super elaborate stage .

I mean seriously, a school-themed video? How unique is that? That’s like just about every hentai mmd that doesn’t take place in the dancehall or on a floating platform high above the sky. So yeah, it doesn’t say anything. It could be being noticed to senpai to being a 5000-year-old demon looking for her next prey. Or a 5000-year-old demon who wants to be noticed by senpai. Who knows?

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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6 thoughts on “populating the gym stage (does it even have to be a gym?)”

  1. First song that came to mind without contemplation. School administrative staff would look nice populating the void on stage left, or right… or possibly a basket of balls. As much as I would enjoy the purple power loli getting banged by strap-on adorned clones and all the flying juices, I cannot challenge a higher moral road, or lower for that matter, Its rude I’ve learned and a good way to lose friends. Do what you feel works best for the project.

    This song just came on, another American pop classic, might be suitable because of the clones. You might have to ditch the dudes though and just have clones onstage to capitalize on that as much as possible because it would be fantastically supreme and fittingly wondrous.

    I think the gym is most supportive for what you’ve already established. Other possibilities: football field, parking lot, rooftop. Football field might be fun and a good practice for a superbowl halftime show if ever pursued. I always thought that would be an ideal setting for a cookie fun production, most viewed performance in the world, hijacked by Airin’s flying tits.

    I’ll see if I can think of any thing for May’s two minutes… maybe you could use the pampered dressing room scene you were thinking of previously for.. I think Rin project Ep 2 it was? Don’t remember, or splice in a commercial segment. Or you could totally inception yourself and cut into the Pokemon X production with a Cookie Fun quickie to plug a future project or random character that you want to bring into the mix but don’t know how. Inception that shiz.

    1. I did think of the school staff being at the back but it doesn’t make sense,i mean sure she’s got a great ass, but they’re missing out a lot if they do. So I’m thinking it miake more sense they’re seated at front because you know… school officials. Now that I’ve had some time to think about it it seems that it only makes sense they would be up front if it was something like say… a graduation ceremony where they do participate in handing out the diplomas, at least that’s how I remember my days at school.

      As for the school gym it makes the most sense since it is large and indoors allowing me to make use of the lights. I did consider the school event being held outdoors however having it done indoors during the daytime during business hours makes it more perverted whereas a night event makes it look shady, ergo, less perverted.

      Now regarding that idea to put in other characters or projects into May’s mix is a very good idea. Thank you so much! m( _ _ )m again, thank you so much for the input!

  2. Aw, sounds like your relatives really DO care about you. Maybe you should take their advice. Then again, maybe you should stuff your pockets with berries and nuts, tell them all to blow it out their ass and get back to doing what makes you happy, lol.
    So, when you pen a question to your followers I suspect they are rhetorical, since you tend to have multiple answers for every question you raise. That means you’re not looking for advice so much as you are thinking out loud. Or are you? I don’t know, but I do know that you continue to surprise and amaze with your solutions to your dilemmas.
    My hope is that if ithis ends up as a SFW mmd that you save the edits to compile a dirty version, because it sounds like the action in the school gym could get hot enough to give the administrators a coronary. BTW, is that Daisyvale H.S., or Daisyvale Middle School? 😆
    Psyched for Project May. Thanks for the update. Was beginning to wonder if it had been moved to the back burner, but 13+ minutes of fornication makes it worth the wait. Let me know if you’re running low on nuts and berries, I’ll send you a care package 😏

    1. Marriage? Oh hell naw, I can’t stand the idea of having waste time on something I could have prevented. Having to change my habits or keep things hidden from my own kid? Unthinkable, besides, simply having half of my DNA doesn’t mean they’ll be a genius and I don’t have time to play dice where the odds are heavily stacked against me. No way Eringe Mk.II will be one like your truly with any form of guarantee.

      Well I really don’t expect everyone to come up with an answer but yes, I just think out loud at things. Now regarding the SFW bit it’s still leaning towards the NSFW zone, I actually kinda work backwards with dual-faceted works, such as Moondance, where the NSFW version was produced first then SFW followed on youtube, it’s easier that way since hey…less features! XD

      \( ‘ w ‘ )/ also thank you so much on the offer for nuts and berries. May you have wiggly blessings.

  3. A thought on your intro 2 minutes.: Any events that take place on school property must be sanctioned by public officials regardless of whether it is a school activity, or not. We can assume it is student activity related if those same officials are the school administrators in attendance. It would be hard to imagine an act such as Yuyoko’s passing muster with school officials unless they were intent on getting fired from their posts. NSFW also applies to a young public school audience. So an intro could include Yuyuko dressed in her school uniform down in the principals office being denied an opportunity to take part in the talent show. As a prop you could add a podium Stage Left and show the principal introducing the next act before returning to his seat in the front row. Next cut away to backstage where Yuyuko and her clones have bound and gagged “the next act” and take their places. The dancers are in place when the lights come up and – BOOOM!! – you’ve got schocked faces everywhere. As the dancers steadily turn up the heat it becomes like the adage “how do you boil a frog”. By the time the girls are stripping and masturbating on stage it’s too late; the students can’t “unsee” what they’ve seen and since they’re all horny little adolescent bastards anyway they’re going crazy. And even though the principal understands he needs to stop the debauchary he is frozen in his seat, unable to stand up and intervene, because he can’t hide his own erection.

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