Belatedly I found a Trope and a 180 spin

First lemme show a couple of excerpt from various manga

H-Squad’s “Naked Swimming Class”


H-Squad’s “Sei no Mohan! ~Zenra Choukai Hen~  Sex Model! ~Nude Morning Assembly Chapter~”


Suehirogari’s “A Day In Her Life”


Suehirogari’s “Cage”

02_176 02_177


There’s a couple of more but these are the choice ones for me. The idea of the “school sanctioned ecchi time” Oh and there was one about a “School Toilet” no not scat but just the euphemism for the sex slave, I forgot the title and I can’t find it anymore.

“But Erin! Didn’t you do that with Happy School?” First of all “Happy School” is just the title of the “normal” show in the video before it was hijacked, i.e. Airin’s school didn’t call for her to paraded around in the entrance, that’s just mob mentality at work.

Since I don’t want it to look stale I moved the stage then to a gym. I guess I’m throwing the SFW version out the window and just making it an alternate hentai version instead.

taisogymdemo4 taisogymdemo3 taisogymdemo2 taisogymdemo1

All I need now is to populate the stage with the audience.

Well, that perverted enough for you guys? I mean suuuure, it’s not like the first time you’ve seen videos use the school stage but it’s only in manga has it been actually sanctioned by the institution itself and not in MMD videos, it’s always been a closed-door affair at best.

So now I’m still deciding if the girl (or placeholder Kaiko) will be doing this willingly (i.e. she signed up for this, or was coerced to and hates it)

One idea is that she’s a delinquent, because over-the-top-punishments magically make sense for no reason. And she’s being passed around various campuses as part of the “don’t play hooky” campaign and all the audience wear masks so she can’t recognize any of them and beat them up after class.

Another is that she’s the school idol and she’s giving a free show only to those who get A’s.  Huh, you get double D’s if you get A’s. Sweet.

The latter idea can make a good contrast. She can be introduced as Miss Perfect. High AF grades, excellent in sports, she does windows, helps people pass, she notices all her kohais, pretty as a button and the sweetest girl in town. And then you turn it around 180 that she enjoys doing nasty shows because  you know, movie logic dictates that if you’re a student ubermenscher, you’re depraved inside.

Hmmm maybe I need to make her look totally different in her normal form.

Another thing is that I kinda wanna make this campus look a little more western because it means I don’t have to dress everyone in a uniform and that means I can use english voice clips, then again I could make it look like a horribly dubbed anime.


But then again it can stay more JP-ish after remembering this scene

I could make the girl be Nagato. Oh what a spin. I originally made this to be a video that takes place in the House of Pein, and Pein’s real name is Nagato. And since she’s basically a reality warping alien, that could explain the logistics for all the flashy lights and her inexplicable ability to dance like a pro all while keeping a bored face.

This can do.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

Anyway I’m still in the process of ripping out the beads machine scenes from Project May, I’ll post them once I complete them all.

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One thought on “Belatedly I found a Trope and a 180 spin”

  1. Either valedictorian required sex show or homecoming queen sex show. Its required by the school, no show, no honor, so its a coerced performance. A homecumming parade might be fun as the intro scene, she can be on display full bloom, spread open on the hood of an idling car for the town to enjoy and document before everything culminates for the big squirt show in the auditorium. Its the towns fertility ceremony. Isn’t that what homecoming is? Here is the hottest girl in the school, lets publicly humiliate her and make her squirt in front of a thousand people, then parade her around naked with a dripping wet snatch.
    “Wow shes still naked!”
    “Is she really going to walk around like that…?”

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