Pixiv 223 and the color correction is annoying my eyes

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Today’s Pixiv Winning Entry made it to not one, but two, two entries! Ah ah ah aaaaah (´o ワo`)ノ





And don’t forget to click here for today’s Pixiv Daily Treat~!



Now you might be asking,  was there anything more you can do with that humiliation march type of scene? Happy School pretty much heaped up all the things you can think of in a similar scene you’ve seen in other shows, be it hentai or not, you know…the scene where the condemned is led to their destination. People throw things at them, there’s the yelling and derogatory looks from the people enjoying the show. Well sometimes whipping is involved but I substituted with asses getting spanked and groped which even more degrading.

Was anything else I can add to a future scene that hasn’t been done (by me) yet?

Well there was actually one. If you looked close in Happy Scene, Airin’s got a vibe stuck in her and I was intending to make her spasm and squirt periodically but thought that those occassional times where she would suddenly stop and scrunch down would count.

However, yeah it could be anything really, her being unable to take the shame and pain any more or maybe that vibe inside her finally made her climax…see that’s the problem: who knows?

Now the other one I’ve also long been wanting to do, was what I would call the “Appreciative version” no scornful viewers, no harsh judging, they’re there too see and appreciate.

And the thing is, that is the one I’ve been wanting to do with the Hinata version. Except, as you already know, the models of her peers are virtually non-existent, and no, simply populating the bar full of Naruto clones doesn’t help either because it’s still just one guy, with just one thought.

May of course, despite having such a number of available models, she belongs in an environment where people get very competitive with each other.

I mean put it this way, let us assume we change the events of Project May Ep.1 and her walk down that Gala Night was something she organized herself… and now you’re one of those people who’s ass she kicked in the tournament.

I mean sure she might be showing up all lewd and stuff but still… she kicked your ass, and now she’s showing hers and all it does is make her even bigger and make her image even more difficult to defeat.

I don’t think you would have attended anyway, you say something nasty and a second later you’re dragged into a secluded alley being beaten up by a bunch of burly thugs.And if we’re going to take this “realistically” if you lost the tournament, the only reason you would want to see a show featuring the one you defeated you, was if and only if it was something other than promoting how great she is, don’t you think?

and yes, I’m going with May/Haruka doing what she does because they’ll crush her balls, which have become inert.


blkkngtairin9 blkkngtairin8 blkkngtairin7

What you probably are NOT seeing are the eye-bat thingies flying around her. Which is why I entitled this blog post around color correction. It’s a pet peeve of mine that these things aren’t that visible but of course you might be thinking that it only looks so because it’s a still picture but even when things are moving around they’re still kind of hard to notice.

I’m still looking into how to make these things more visible while not being so obstrusive to the vision.  It’s stumping me at the moment but I think I can do something about this.

But that’s enough of my musings on what what I’m working on today, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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3 thoughts on “Pixiv 223 and the color correction is annoying my eyes”

  1. Well about the color it depends on what you are working on
    .- PC connected to a LED TV
    .- Notebook or laptop (depends on how is called in the country you live in here pasocon ( =w=)/O )
    So if you use a pc conected to a led normally it would look darker then what you think,in a video i made in the led it looked really good,but when i looked the project on my notebook it looked different and more bright and the details that werent visible on the led they were clear as day on the notebook,the pictures you are showing those bats are clear as day and i can see all the details even the minimals of the stage in my notebook on the pc connected to the led the cant be seen or with difficulty i think you are working on a similar setup i have a program to get everything more bright to work so you can see all the details like looking eveything on a notebook i use that for emulation purposes because sometimes the led can make everything look better but in some stuff like videogames it get really dark and hard to see.
    If you needit is posted on my site with the emulator pcsx2 ex the program is in the folder is called gapa and have some profiles,you can edit those profiles or make one new to see everything as it look on notebook so you dont make the videos brighter something that would leave everyone that use a notebook blind.
    I hope that helped you and keep the good work ~( =w=)~O

    1. Thanks but I won’t use a program to brighten something that can be done with simple adjustment of the settings. ( ‘w’ )/ that’s just too much, also my screen shows things just fine. The bats just need a recolor and that’ll be it. Unless there is a measurable, standard of calibration of screen settings I am not adjusting a hair. ~(O w O)~

  2. It’s like Where’s Waldo. Once you’ve been alerted to the fact the eye bats are there you can find them, although I have no freakin’ idea what purpose they serve. I noticed something else in the third still that’s got me wiggly this morning – pudding. Airin seems to be leaking pudding on the floor. Looks like those knobby vibrators are getting the job done, lol.

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