Pixiv 217 and trying to match up to the music

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Today we got a quadruple entry into the Pixiv Rankings! Well, three for the daily rankings and one for the overall ranking for the guys~









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Ah Hinata’s angelic face spooged on… but wait, big mistake here, isn’t Haruka supposed to be the one slimed over? Isn’t Hinata supposed to be the one who does this willingly? Or maybe she is doing this willingly and it’s her way of saying she’s got a boyfriend and she’s not saying who it is to her fans.

I mean why not? We’re here for the NSFW anyway, but it does bug me that these are all accessories (i.e.   .x accessory files, not .pmx models) which means I’m going to have to spend time again crafting all of these pudding accessories…yes they’re actually just some pudding accessory I found, or jell-o, colored it white and put it haphazardly around her body.

Which is going to be quite a problem reattaching all of these onto Haruka…but I supposed I can just stay my hand and leave Hinata with just the pudding on her while Haruka gets the actual sex scene.

Well why not? Make it that bittersweet struggle between love versus career story for Hinata.

In the meantime, in the other front… we have our favorite ahoge’d albino girl…


Where it looks like she got herself captured by some evil cult


And those tell-tale spiky things can only mean the one behind this dastardly act can be…

That black wizard dood again.

blkkngtairin3 blkkngtairin5 blkkngtairin6

And like every good cartoon it somehow translates into a musical number of some sort. This is the remake I’ve been talking about well not actually a remake as it was never released. It’s an ancient project unearthed a millenia ago but now I’ve stripped away the barnacles and added the modernized Airin onto it. Before the armored RPG Airin you’ve come to love in Terragaia with her jiggly butt she was multiple models sharing the same space. but now after taking out the arms, legs, torso, and head and replacing it with a single model the file runs a lot faster now.

The idea behind this dance scene is that she’s being controlled by some magical strings


Now do take note that this was constructed way before Terragaia but around the same time as the MMO Parody Video, now with Terragaia already out, this can more or less follow that story, in her quest to find her sister she runs afoul of the wizard guy and friends.

But don’t try to delve too deep into it, because trying to piece together a lore for Airin, as far as the RPG world is concerned its pretty much a mess since I also released some picture-and-text works of Airin way back in DeviantArt though you could say “that’s the elder sister Airin, not the ahoge Airin”

I mean yeaaah… but when you think about it when it comes down to overall design it’s just supposed to be an update to the same old Airin as before but yeah, it’s a workable and interesting Lore, little sister Airin trying to fill in the shoes of her predecessor.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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3 thoughts on “Pixiv 217 and trying to match up to the music”

  1. Wow, that dark wizard dude is really giving little Airin’s holes a reaming. That cute jiggly butt stuffed full of vibrating toys looks super wiggly. Will there be pudding? More pudding please! Is the dark wizard gonna fuck her stupid, or will he just splooge all over her angel face and that hot tight ass?

  2. I do have a question about the “game” though. With all the fucking and her orgasms is Airin gaining power every time she cums, or is the dark one stripping them away and transferring them to himself. Seems it would make sense that he is doing it to steal her power and enslave her. Maybe she will need to be rescued, by the likes of Charlie, Karen and the other Airin? Or will the black wizard tie them all up and do them all? Either one at a time, or bring in his minions, tentacle monsters and ogres to do the job.? Maybe other Aaron will manage to reprogram whatever it is that’s zapping their power and reverse it so the more the girls fuck the more control they gain over the bad guys, haha. I’d play that game, lol.

    1. that would be a nice idea of airin sneaking around using hentai moves on them and maybe that’s why the cult is after them to harvest that energy. now that I think of it, there was a hentai doujinshi of atelier something that had that same premise where they captured the girls and used a tentacle monster to farm energy from them.

      My idea for the dance part is to show his mastery that she’s under their control, or maybe she joined that guild and it’s just her initiation, i mean all groups gotta have their hazing antics and stuff. I can imagine it to be some kind of silly rhythm game but with the arrows trolling the player by suddenly switching at the last moment.

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