Hinata in casual wear looks great



Maybe it’s me, but she looks like she’s a pokemon trainer who got lost in ninja town or something. And yes, she’s wearing Akatsuki-themed shorts, or capris, or whatever you call those long shorts. I’m sticking to the Akatsuki Entourage idea, and now I’m thinking of that “runaway pop idol” trope.

You know that trope where someone comes across a girl incognito and it turns out she’s a pop star running away from her manager in order to spend some free time? That’s the idea.

Now for some reason I can’t name any but I’m sure they were pretty common back in the 90’s.

Maybe I should call the Hinata Project the “Runaway Idol Hinata Dokidoki Daisakusen 120% Panic” sounds legit. XD

Maybe that’s the idea, she runs away from the studio to take an unscheduled break. Meets some boy she likes and thinks “hey! Now I have a reason to get back on stage”

Not sure though who, maybe a certain guy who calls himself a ninja yet wears bright orange.

I’m going to cut this post short for now. I’m just inspired to churn out these footage today. Yes, I know, so much for the initial idea of Hinata reluctantly participating in some really lewd show, but hey, that’s what Haruka is for, besides, who’s got tons of really creative possibilities with all the creatures they have? Definitely the one with a pokemon trainer.



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4 thoughts on “Hinata in casual wear looks great”

  1. Hey, everything doesn’t have to be about sex…………if you’re not a guy, lol. Get creative! I’m sure we will all enjoy it.
    I remember a girl band called The Bangles. Don’t know for sure if they were the ninety’s, but I think they were. They put out some good pop tunes and then they disappeared. Who knows, maybe they just ran away 😉

  2. Hmmmm, the outfit’s interesting, but I like the one she’s wearing in the poster better; fishnet top and a pair of panties. I liked what she wore yesterday – the short, short jacket with blue panties; kinda sexy. And the little bikinis they had on when the were performing were hot. No matter what she wears she is still Hinata so she always has her collar on, right?

    1. This orange colored not-trying-to-imitate-the-fashion-of-her-crush get up is her top-level of being clothed in the project, after which she will progressively wear more and more revealing clothes. The jacket and blue panties/bloomers is her warm-up gear and later the bikini and rabbit suit. I wanna present her first looking “normal” before she starts the show.

  3. I guess there’s “normal” and then there’s “memorable”. I’ll definitely remember the blue panties. 😎

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