Hinata’s Hand-Me-Downs (From Haruka)

While cleaning up Haruka’s stage I decided to give another stab at Hinata’s version and decided maybe it would be a better idea to make her version a more SFW, cruelly SFW to say the least. Sorry, but this version won’t have her taking it off. Console yourselves once Ep.2 of Project May comes out instead.  This Hinata version is pretty much to show the capabilities.



Because any ninja worth their salt in her world can make clones of themselves, I had no mental burden in putting her in a new outfit, since they’re all the same person, I don’t feel bad if people stare at the backup dancers.

Other ideas were some generic dudes to skew the gender ratio (you know how it is, the less pink tacos there are on stage the sexier the remaining girls get) plus the fact if she’s going to dance like the guys it will just make her jiggle even more. Another idea was other girls not-revealingly-dressed however they kinda stole the show in my eyes (I’m looking at you Kancolle girls in bikinis! You’re just cuteemoji04_by_emoji_icon-d6kv9df )

For the DJ box I decided to be a cheapskate and block the view with a simple slide show poster. Of course I haven’t gotten any new textures to it since it is still in the construction stage.


However after listening to too much certain kinds of music, I had ended up kicking out Pein (again) and replacing him with Rasta Vader, Dank Lord of the Spliff




Which if you recall was last scene in the Summer Night Party 2015 with Airin

SummerNightParty 2015 7

I guess I wanna see him again, so my compromise, put Pein back as the DJ and have the screen playing clips of Rasta Vader rapping or belching smoke from this mouthpiece. That was I can have the stage become the House of Pein again.

Then again, the Dank Lord is way lighter in terms of RAM thanks to Pein’s ever detailed cape (what? I can’t take it off, he’ll die!)

The posters in the stage need to be changed as well. I’m thinking that with Hinata’s cute new swimsuit-thingy costume, I suppose that’s something she can pose in.

Now compared to the multicolored glowsticks in Haruka’s nude version, Hinata’s version will be going for a homogenous mix of all-green glowsticks, this way the motion become less monotonous


And of course I still need to put Horsehead, he’s a staple in my concert scenes after all.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

P.S. I’m going to upload a new video in the next few hours, so make sure you stay updated on my twitter!


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2 thoughts on “Hinata’s Hand-Me-Downs (From Haruka)”

  1. Cute clones and sexy costumes, love that hat with the big floppy bunny ears. Love the colors in your stage. Looks like some variation of a cherry blossom festival. Very Japanese. Totally SFW. Will keep my eyes peeled for something later today. You just keep churning out the hits. Thanks!

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