Project May Ep.1 DL Out Now

How big do you think that 10-minute monster would be? A gig? Two gigs? The answer is around 350MB, not bad considering my bad rendering abilities in the past. Would I ever reshoot them into smaller videos? The answer is no, I will however, just do remakes. It’s more efficient that way.

But anyway, here’s the link to the video.!NMIXQYrK!PuxJxzw8BMkAPw3rqepZ3FSFG3XdHHUyQn_sWe2JYd8

and you can watch it here on Iwara TV if you don’t mind the lower quality.

When you consider that Trollvids’ size limit is around the 250 range, it’s not that drastic of a quality drop. I hope it’ll make you see things better that my poor rendering wasn’t able to do in it’s streaming version. Not that there’s anything in there that merits a second look… I’m just like everyone else, what you see in the first run is what you get.

So anyway this’ll be the last time I’m saying it; this goes for everyone who’s already seen the video, whether they’ve downloaded it or watched it in Trollvids… Episode 1 doesn’t have a huge payoff yet because it’s only the intro episode. These were parts that I felt necessary to establish who, what, where, and when. They felt very disjointed compared to the upcoming scenes for Ep.2 and Ep.3 but at the same time it was something I couldn’t do away with.

So the best solution was to put all that “exposition stuff” in the first episode. It introduces the characters and gives them a taste of what’s to come. Also, it serves another purpose. See the thing with dancing scenes and your regular hentai is that it tends to be fast paced, so you don’t get to appreciate your character’s body. This Episode 1, let’s you do just that. Get a good look of her body so that later when she’s forced to shake it as lewdly as she can onstage or being bounced up and down a Snorlax’s lap in front of her fans, you already have her slo-mo walk burned into your brain to appreciate it.

Episode 2 is very close to finish rendering as well since the original idea was to release a 20+ minute episode, which I found to be excessive. Sure, Happy School pulled it off pretty fine, however, the reason it did so was because the music switching was independent of the video. In the case of Project May, the music and video are tied together, for reasons you will see, so therefore the scene changes are just too abrupt and too many for most to process… and I can’t imagine doing that for 20 minutes straight.

I mean sure it’s something an avant-garde surrealist director would do, but I’m not really that wacky. Like everyone else I follow rules and conventions, the only difference is, I’m just aware of the many rules and conventions there are for me to work with.  Think of anything that I do differently from other MMDérs and you’ll notice that those quirks may not exist in other MMD movies, but they do exist in regular shows like television or cinema.

So there you go, Project May, Episode1, or Pokemon X Ep.1 as it is called in the video.


Before I move to Episode 2, there is a side project I wanna release next.

To give a recap, Project May was originally Project Rin Ep.2, then Project Suwako because I missed seeing bouncy boobs, then became Hinata…then finally settling to May/Haruka due to having lots of resources to use.

During this long development limbo I ended up creating tons of other videos experimenting on different things. Those that I could use for the Project made it in, while those that didn’t… I reserved for later works.

And one of them, had enough material for me to release. I only spent one day patching up the holes in bad camera takes and animation errors by crafting inbetween scenes (some of them, not all inbetween scenes are meant as patch jobs) the only thing that took time was rendering.

So there you go, I wanna relax for a bit. In the meantime, please wait warmly because ANOTHER video is coming soon. As I type this I’ve finished rendering the HD version and am currently rendering the Trollvids edition as well.

Stay Wiggly! ~( ‘ w ‘ )~


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7 thoughts on “Project May Ep.1 DL Out Now”

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for Suwako! I was sad when that project left the spotlight. That backdrop image you had over the stage with her and the snake was such a treat. Whichever one is released I’m looking forward to it, I feel like there are a lot of works sitting on your cutting room floor that unfortunately never get to see the light of day. I do enjoy your more cinematic productions, but enjoy the quantity and quick turnover on the short vids just as much if not more so. When it comes cookie fun, more is always better! I would love to see monthly releases, short cookie crumbles like the next generation of girls could use some audition vids/home sex vids/amateur street performances/dance off/sex off works, some cookie fun quickies. Oh I also had an idea for a completely disjointed compilation vid, just a smattering of mmd orgasm/squirt scenes, like Mario Party meets Cookie Fun, high fructose sexual amphetamines, every girl who has ever graced the cookie fun stage and their peaking orgasm, intensity increases.

  2. Rin looks like she’s getting pretty hot watching May on that machine, I’m guessing she next in line for it. “Ladies looking for a good time? Tie your man down, hop on him cowgirl style, then tell him you…” I hope that girl on the fun side of the crowd starts finger banging or dildoing herself in episode two, and is bouncing on someones lap in three. The escalation of it all! If only we could hear May’s cute little moans! Or the sloshing sounds of those beads sliding over her sopping wetness. So good!

  3. Great start, lots of good stuff in there. I loved the slo’-mo’ strut through the beach club and thanks for that flat chested nip slip, lol. You did a good job of portraying the jealousy which triggered May’s transformation. First she tears through everyone else in the Pokemon competition, then she steps out in a barely there scandalous one piece that grabs the attention of every male at the pool. Her frenamies see her reject Don Duck’s advances and cash offer so they agree to gift wrap her and deliver her into his clutches free of charge just so they can gloat over her eventual public humiliation. That was all conveyed by showing her lose consciousness and collapse after they had slipped something in her drink to drug her.
    Then the misinformation leaked to the press during her month long physical alteration and slave training has the general public believing that fame has gone to her head and she slid into drug use and sexual abandonment.
    I especially like how you portrayed a mixed crowd in the lounge scene showing how those dancers from the kiddy show dropped their stage persona revealing themselves to be just as depraved and sadistic as anyone else. As soon as they’re done filming their G Rated programming they rush down the hall to join the party and witness May’s masturbation, so callous and amoral.
    There is really nothing to criticize, but when May was first reintroduced to the public following her surgery It might have reinforced the idea that she exposed herself on that little stage against her will if the threat of physical pain been more obvious. Maybe she should have refused at first and shook her head “no”, then got zapped by Pikachu to prod her along. Regardless, its a phenomenal effort and I can’t wait to see the deeper darker side of May’s decent into sexual slavery, debauchery and immorality.

    1. Considering that May is the brains behind her Pokemon’s brawn, I was thinking it wasn’t farfetched for her to just comply and get it over with after knowing who’s behind it and what they’ve done behind her back, plus the fact that she’s without her pokeballs to help her fight her way out. I mean, for someone like her caliber she would have known that Pikachu can zap someone from a distance and without her pokemon to help her she’d know better than to humiliate herself further by making the scene bigger than it already is.

      While it would have been a fun scene to do. I felt it unnecessary, on a technical level, considering how many people are rendered in that ballroom area, it would have been impossible to do so without having to triage some of them. There is still a clear limit to what is possible for me, be it technical, or otherwise. Plus I’m not really that keen into depicting violence against an already cornered May. I mean, I know the value of such scenes if you really want to make the bad guys despicable and rotten. I do remember a Takotsuboya doujinshi of Madoka that was really violent against the unresisting heroine (something to with “I will never be a magical girl”) but if ever I’ll reserve them for someone who is actually tough, like I don’t know… an superhuman cyborg or something XD.

      Anyway, thanks for the input and glad you loved it! m( _ _ )m

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