Project May Ep.1 Out on Trollvids!

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And so there’s the first Episode out for the the May Project. With that footage out of the way, I can now begin deleting the ones I no longer need to use and get the space I needed.

Tomorrow I’ll post the HD version, which suprisingly, isn’t that drastically large either. Just about 360MB,  considering the 250MB limit of Trollvids, that’s not much of a quality drop you’re seeing.

It’s also safe to say that I can now jump into more sudden fast cuts as the dancing scenes in the club no longer need any further introduction.  You got it now, some salty frenemies have gotten her in their clutches, and now it’s time to take their sweet, sweet time into making her do things that would kill an ordinary human with embarassment.

Stay wiggly for Episode 2, the dancing part, followed by Episode 3, which is the sex part.

In addition there’s also another video, one of many that I ended up working on. I’m weird, you know that. My idea of a break is to do a completely different video. Helps my mind keep wiggly by doing something else while being productive.

One in particular is coming close to completion as well. I’ve been rendering the clips and surprise suprise there’s still plenty of room to polish it with intermediary scenes or plug any mistakes with.

I suppose it’s also time for me to start posting in pixiv again.

It’s been awhile since I’ve looked up Pixiv, I wonder what great works have been posted there lately ~( ‘w’ )~



That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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3 thoughts on “Project May Ep.1 Out on Trollvids!”

  1. Aw, what a cute cup-le of kittens! So here it is, Episode 1 and I can’t view it until next week, aaarrgghhhh! Trollvids won’t load to my phone and I can’t access a pc. I’m going to have to self medicate this weekend, or this wiggly feeling will get out of hand. Speaking of self medicating, you need a real vacation girl. You are a workaholic in every sense. You should grab your sandals, shades and a scandalous bikini and head down to the beach for endless happy hour. Just be on the lookout for ducks in fedoras who want to light your smokes, hahaha. At least don’t get yourself kidnapped until after you’ve released Episodes 2&3.

    1. ~( ‘w’ )~ yay thank you! Anyway don’t worry, i’ll be giving out the full hd version in mega pretty soon as well as a new video coming out. So you’re not really missing anything.

      To be honest I love the idea of taking a vacation but at the same time I really hate leaving my desk.
      Then again, what would I do away from the computer?

      A wise man was once quoted: “Vacation is the act of leaving the comforts of your home and spending ridiculously to recapture the comforts of the home you just left”
      Going to a concert would be a good thing though I feel confident I’ve pretty much have an idea on how to replicate them on MMD.

      If anything I usually treat myself to a meal, preferrably buffets. I know this good asian buffet near my place and I went there today myself. Felt pretty good too, being able to eat Japanese noodles like a pro, I swear I heard an MLG airhorn bleat everytime I picked up a few noodles.

      Stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

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