Teaser for Project May Ep.1 on Trollvids

This weekend I’ll be releasing the first episode, which as I said before, while it may seem jarring in terms of continuity, I feel is necessary to establish what is going on, and how it gets there.


Also technically this will be the 2nd trailer for Project May considering that the first one is already on youtube, but it contains only the Pokemon Arena scenes and the first few steps of her descent.

But here’s the youtube version, for your convenience.

For Episode 2, it’ll be the main teasing scenes, i.e. dancing and groping and Ep.3 will be sex. The first episode clocks in at a humble ten minutes to layout everything and what direction it’s going into while Ep.2 will be as random as it can be like your regular garden variety videos albeit with my usual touch to them. However, given what backs it up in Ep.1 should make it a little more delicious.

I would also like to add that in addition to Project May Ep.1 I may also be able to release another video or two, unrelated ones but still fun all the same.

So anyway, I do apologize for not posting anything yesterday but let’s just say I got some really major stuff finished. and you’ll be seeing the results by the end of the week.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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8 thoughts on “Teaser for Project May Ep.1 on Trollvids”

  1. If that’s any indication (of course it is) of how good these episodes will be we are all in for a treat! Cute model, love the slow mo’ strut through the beach club. Yea Episode 3! (the sex epi)
    Great job, no, fantastic! Maybe we should lock you away in your studio more often, haha. Heck, I’ll volunteer to rub your shoulders and light your smokes for more results like that!

    1. s( ‘ w ‘)/ start building the cookie fun bunker… a well-lit, well-ventilated bunker that combines the efficiency of a studio with the comfort of a house. that way i can finally work reclining on a la-z boy chair and my hdd’s safely nestled in some new and powerful MLG tower of doom. XD

  2. A day later, still in awe of your teaser. You are the master Doctor Erin Yagakoro, with this work you will graduate from Cookie Fun University with your PhD in AJP (Applied Jiggle Physics) and MBA (Masters of Bouncing Asses). Your vids just keep getting better Doc.

  3. Another top notch production! I’m looking forward to Episode one this weekend, but am just as excited if not more so to flick the bean to the unrelated releases. Kate Winslet loves to flick the bean. What could they be? Who could be the star? Who’s gonna shake some booty or get humiliated? The suspense!

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