I must exercise restraint and not show too much spoilers

I just wanna say I worked on a scene that you might like, it’s a small scene but it might be enjoyable, of course I won’t say what it is, just take my word for it.

But first here’s a current look at the project’s timeline.



If you can’t zoom in, that’s about twelve minutes compiled into the project. Don’t worry, that’s about two minutes only of atrocious-not-nude scenes, another minute of frustratingly sexy scenes, and the rest are for the exercising your hand.


Now while you may think that these weird interlude scenes seem unnecessary, don’t worry! I’m only showing them out of context but trust me, you’ll appreciate them. Also, note the WeeVo Channel watermark, you say that I’ve decided to make the meta world of the Cookie Fun Channel universe by actually naming some of the actual channels in that world.

And yes, I’m parodying myself with the Dance-On-A-Box as a result of me talking about the Dance-In-A-box


Like this for example, since I’m not saying what’s so special with this scene, of course it’s hard to believe how this can compare to the more detailed stage with strobing lights.

Now I’m going to be honest and say that the video is 99% going to end up like Happy School and become cut up into two episodes, so once I’ve used up 18 minutes; the longest I’ve been able to safely compromise length with quality… the rest are going into a second set, also to be released shortly after I do post-production Quality Checking.

Alright, back to work for me. stay wiggly! ~( ‘w’ )~

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4 thoughts on “I must exercise restraint and not show too much spoilers”

  1. It look fine i wish she stayed flat but well good job mate.
    I hope you can make more kokonoe rin videos,btw tell me have you uploaded the motion from medley for rin because is unique

    1. the motions that kokonoe rin used in that video aren’t unique, they’re in order: from the sample.pmm, bikini dance, the stripping motions are unique but they’re nothing special to do since her arms aren’t even really moving, sweet devil, bikini dance again, sweet devil again, my little butterfly, can’t remember the motion in the school gym but it some common dance motion somewhere, muscle car, and finally, hare hare yukai. they’re not difficult to find the custom ones too easy to replicate.

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