Lounge room scene: populated and animated

Now that I got the room all animated….well, it’s the idle animations that I’ve populated the scene with for the moment, the specific motions will follow after I make this post.


it’s a nice bit of contrast, apart from Haruka and the beads machine, and the hentai paintings (why by the way can be construed as “proper art” since they’re just naked) it’s just a regular scene of people gathered together and chill out.


And yes, among the people riding the gravy train are the same Goodra and Krokok (iirc) that her Blaziken defeated, why not? Goodra looks like a good-natured type of soul, just like the now-creepy Chanseys in this project so it makes nice contrast. Also, Krokok’s eye markings makes me think he’s wearing those type of shades that shady crooks would wear.


i wondered how to make the nozzle of the machine drip goo to lubricate only the beads that come after it. The solution was pretty simple. create a copy of the machine, remove everything else besides the beads, remove the excess parts


then stick the self lotion on it and uncheck the beads-only model in the mme window.warenotensai-w-2

Seriously, that is NOT rocket science.


And of course VIPs get front row seats: Kuro (yes, she’s there along with Rin, no they’re not placeholders), Cynthia, and our lovable Don Duck.

I did want to squeeze in one more character, the dominatrix but decided against it and just have some of them have fun with her, making more like a “feel free to do whatever”

See the thing with a “proper show” is that it’s a controlled event… you know “look but don’t touch” but since I did away with having a dominatrix, it means that any of them can walk up and grope her, slap her butt or whatever. Fortunately I won’t have to make all of them do something, just a few will do the trick, besides, she still has Pokemon to do… hurr hurr hurr.

It could be that it’s this scene where they decide to hold a free spectacle where she does it with a couple of pokemon and why they’re all so eager to train her down there as soon as possible.

It can also be that the more she behaves they will then be inclined to keep her “clientele” to most human. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m still sticking with my “silent movie format” and want to eliminate any subtitled dialogue whatsoever.

Which also means unlike the first Iron Loli, this one will not be voiced.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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2 thoughts on “Lounge room scene: populated and animated”

  1. Boy somebody was really pissed that May won the competition. How dare a young upstart upset the established powers of the games. Then she shows no respect to those she has beaten, acts far too cockey without properly paying her dues. Well she is paying them now! Shunned even by her “friends”, she is humiliated and made a spectacle of, degraded by those she defeated. The more anger she shows the greater likelihood she will be taken down off the beads; but not for reasons she thinks. No her humiliation will only deepen when she is prostrated and fucked repeatedly by anyone who cares to use her. She is a slave and if she is to survive this she needs to start acting like one.

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