Your Mileage May Vary


What’s this? Why are the adorable cast of Lucky star here? Well I thought I should really pay more attention to my own advice and show the beauty of the shot-reverse-shot, i.e. her fomer friends enjoying the show, but I thought, “hey! I can make a joke about this!”

I mean, you get WHY everyone she beat in the Pokemon would like to attend the show, you also get WHY silly people like horsehead and box gundam would show up. So why not characters from a show where the lead girl is hardcore fan who somehow manages to drag her “normal” friends to hardcore events?

It’s also natural that the Who’s that Pokemon? segment be followed by a commercial. So i thought long and hard about what kind of commercial there is, and I found an inspiration. The idea is below.

So just that everyone’s on the same page, there’s the dancing scene segment …

and the poke sex segment, which is still being worked on.

However, it just doesnt’ feel right that Haruka can somehow magically take in something as huge as her arm on Day One. So I thought, it would only make sense if I not only intersperse her dancing scenes with the close up versions…


But also some of her sex training scenes.


I was never a fan of magical mind control or mind break, for me it just loses all the fun and all the point. Hence why I scrapped looking for a Psychic type to be the reason why she does why she does.

So in this case it’s either being tied down to the Monaka Udon Machine for long periods of time (maybe hours for end) or participating in a live sex show with a bunch of pokemon with possibly large dicks, which doesn’t last as long but would seriously damage her reputation well it’s not like she’s got anything to lose right?


“But Erin, what if you add the scenes while she is still flat?” No. That’s what Kokonoe Rin is for XD.

Or I could just have her cameo.


Oh wait, did I show that? Did I just show I have been doing Episode 2 of Rin’s happy adventures in the sun? Darn!

And that’s basically it for today, There’s the scenes of her dancing in the club,


there’s the scenes of the close ups doing the same motion but in different and simpler backgrounds


So let’s focus on the ecchi scenes and I want that one to have a sense of progression. I mean sure, while she was knocked out cold they could have started jamming carrots up her butt so she’s all “ready” when she wakes up,  but again, I’m not a fan of that one, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s better if she gets properly trained.

I also am aware that it sounds rather “messy” in terms of continuity, but trust me, I have found the ultimate solution, I’ll give a clue, it’s something that all my videos have been doing, except for maybe one or two.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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2 thoughts on “Your Mileage May Vary”

  1. Sex training? Your imagination is in overdrive! Our little May is growing up fast! Everyone needs to keep in mind those tits aren’t real, in fact she didn’t even have real tits, so she’s inexperienced which translates to tight and she needs some breaking in if she’s going to perform with enormous toys and multiple partners. Train her and fuck her – welcome to your new life Haruka. 🙀

  2. ……… and an Episode 2 of Rin just hanging out in the garden – figuratively, lol. Busy, busy, busy. When do you find time to sleep? 🙂

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