“It looks pretty good” first set of test audience says

wiggly thinktank

I went on a video stream showcasing the current stage of the project via Skype (erin_yagakoro777, please introduce yourselves since I get lots of randoms I don’t know, this is Skype, not Omegle XD) . And here’s the overall reception.

At the moment only the intro section is pretty much completed. I came up with the idea to have a test showing to see if the cuts to the new scenes were to abrupt or jarring.

Good news, the transitions were smooth enough and not too jarring. The pacing had no complaints, neither rushed nor dragging.

The only complaint was the beach music. Of the two primary candidate tunes, the first one was way too generic and the second one was too porn-sy and too drawing attention to itself with it’s Barry White class of deep vocals.


It does go well with Don Duck but he doesn’t show up for much of the scene, albeit being the most memorable.


The “shocked viewer” scenes were not seen as unnecessary and we came up together with the idea that they’re a sort of Duct Tape in editing. They fill in gaps to cushion the jarring of disparate scenes that may come.

Keep in mind I don’t have the greatest connection in the world so it’s not like they were seeing the video is HQ and in 60fps, so gags that only take a few frames are not visible.

The main scene phase is still heavily fragmented since I’m still working to fit the songs with the motions, from there I can then craft the intermediary scenes (other ecchi stuff that isn’t dancing). It’s a balancing act, making it fit to the song but at the same time making visual sense.

Our Skype session pretty much amounted to “Erin STFU and do your thing, it looks great” I feel more comfortable now and less restricted. Thanks guys! ( ‘w’ )/

I may hold another session for the benefit of those who want to see it, once again, simply introduce yourselves first before adding me since I’ve come across a lot of random folk who add me, maybe I should change my nickname from Adorable Eringe to… I don’t know, maybe “Rasta Eringe”.


Keep in mind, I got a crappy connection so don’t expect 4k streaming resolution.

But for now, I’m off for some grub then get to work afterwards.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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