I took a day off to unwind and muse over a couple of things.

Yesterday I took a day off, which is rare and ironic since I don’t get any. Not that I am denied of it, more like I don’t feel like taking the day off. But as they say, the only way a blade can cut things is when you stop cutting and take the time to sharpen.

I played a certain 3rd person hack and slash game  with some buddies and watched a couple of flicks and yeah… learned something. Or rather, was reminded of an important lesson in visual art.

Basically you let the audience’s brain to do legwork for you. I mean, I have done that quite a number of times before but yeah, not only are we our won worst critics but sometimes our own worst observers.

I would talk about the particular sequence of scenes I will be working on today,  but that defeats the purpose. Suffice to say I found a solution to something that had me stumped for a couple days.

So what I done recently before my day off?

So here was what it looked liked the other day as I left it.




And here’s how they look like before I posted this article.


Added the greens, the smoke on Don Duck’s cigarette as well the boys who were last talking with May before she left. It may not be important, but chances are you’ve been to Trollvids and therefore have seen what this stage looks like, so you know where Don Duck accosts May is quite close to where she was last seen talking to some admirers


This is a brilliant optical illusion, if you look closely there are some stairs in the background


Now you see the stairs, note the boys drooling over an invisible May.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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2 thoughts on “I took a day off to unwind and muse over a couple of things.”

  1. I love how May treats Don Duck like he doesn’t exist. That’s probably gonna cost her. In fact, I know it’s gonna cost her, LOL. the screen shots are great! The video is going to be nothing short of amazing thanks to all your attention to detail. Saw some caps of background video involving May and some sex toys, but have you created any of the sex scenes for the video yet, or are you saving the best for last?

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