Viewer Scenes and Fixing Bad Camera Work

Today was rather hectic with some other stuff to do (getting new curtains because sunlight is overrated) but I managed to have quite a lot of stuff done as well as bloopers repaired

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khroom3 khroom2 khroom1

The audience scene of the KH characters has been fixed. I cobbled up a new stage by making a chimera of Roxas and Ventus’ bedrooms as well as that of a blank custom KH bedroom as well.

khroom5 khroom4

After completing that short part, I put it into my Vegas timeline as usual and found another glaring flaw, so I backtracked to find that file… and wow…there’s that Weird Anomaly where the file crashes when loaded.

Cynthia had the same problem. When loading the Pokemon Battle Scene which had May and Cynthia, the file would crash, however, once Cynthia was loaded in a blank file first then the offending file loaded next… it suddenly behaved itself.  You can guess how long it took me to figure out which was the offending model, much less how to come up with that solution.

Once I got that problem fixed, I finally got the problem fixed, which was unwanted clipping of the camera into a solid object and thus blocking the view.

Got all that? Here lemme enumerate

  1. created the custom KH-esque bedroom by creating a new stage using parts taken from other stages
  2. created idle animations for each and every model by hand for 1000 frames each. Not difficult but very tedious
  3. made short 300 frame clip of the Pokemon Arena Scene
  4. converted that clip into an avi format that is small and readable in MMD
  5. created a screen accessory to play that avi clip on.
  6. loaded the KH bedroom TV-watching scene
  7. added the screen accessory atop the TV and loaded the short 300 frame clip onto it, creating the image that the KH guys are watching Pokemon
  8. Rendered the scene into a raw video
  9. Loaded the Video into the Vegas timeline
  10. while playing jigsaw puzzle with the timeline found a scene where the camera clipped into a solid object which blocked the view
  11. loaded the scene, which crashed mmd
  12. opened up Vegas again and took note of which characters were present
  13. loaded each character that showed up in that particular clip one by one. Once one character was loaded the file that crashed was loaded again.  When it crashed, repeated the process with another character until it was discovered that Haruka (ShinRa Doll Version) was causing it.
  14. Loaded Haruka (ShinRa Doll Version) first on a blank file then loaded the problematic file again.
  15. fixed the camera angling then re-rendered the video.
  16. v( =w= )v

It’s still all Greek, I guess (o wo)7

haruka outdoor1

to imagine what this scene looked like before, consult any other carelessly done video =w=

Yes the pic still shows a blooper but that’s fine, I’d rather have a tree with incorrect draw orders than a huge object blocking the way.




That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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3 thoughts on “Viewer Scenes and Fixing Bad Camera Work”

  1. so good work on the stage and damn that sound like a lot of trouble, a question is that her final design? or she gonna have some changes (just to know)

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