Shoto Blaziken

First of all I want to apologize for the outage yesterday.This season is really wonky

I couldn’t stop giggling all day having to work on Blaziken when I came up with the idea of just making him Ken from Streetfighter

teaserharu14 teaserharu12 teaserharu11 teaserharu10 teaserharu9teaserharu13

So as you can see I redid the tournament scene by using actual models and not paper cut outs. I think in traditional films they call this “Practical Effects” hurr hurr.

My main problem was that the cloning effect only rendered them on a flat plane, you could adjust their x and z coordinates, but not their y’s, which initially would have made it impossible for them to sit at the bleachers. However, considering that you can tilt the mobs with the motherbone, then tilt back the centerbone to right them, and there you have an instant mob on the bleachers or steps or whatever  you fancy that looks like stairs.

Again I’m not going to hunt down every accurate pokemon that each trainer I have has, it’s not important whether or not Red really has a pink elephant in this line up, or if some random rival has ArceusGod what is important is that Haruka is 420blazing through the rounds.

Besides, it’s not far fetched they might get those anyway. Also, the plot is already far fetched right? What’s a little inaccurate line up gonna do? Blow things out of proportion? XD

Previously in some review I talked about how playing true to the lore of the story can serve as a useful platform for development…provided you have the resources for them. I talked about how Touhou vids had a lot of wasted opportunity because there is a massive repository of characters one can use at their disposal to give things more sense.

So how come I don’t seem to have to follow this “rule” now? First of all, I’m extra wiggly and creative enough to work around it. Second I’m not missing anything out with what I’m planning. I don’t have to worry about whether they have a horse pokemon or doge pokemon or a tentacle pokemon…that’s being creative  because it’s not farfetched they would have had one.  It’s completely different from say… Reimus dancing in empty shrines with no Aya, Marisa, Remilia, Yukari, Suika to enjoy the show or coerce her into performing.  Those videos are –Lacking– hence adherence to the Lore would have helped them tons.

Again, it’s a platform to help, because there’s quite a number that really needed that crutch. But I’m a completely different case.

But in my case? Adherence to the Lore is not important. What is important is that there are many elements which can feed the fetishes people want. Tentacles, things with big dicks (no! the pokemon, not the certain… you racist! XD) this is exercising creativity at its finest because it uses things that are plausible.

So when you look at it, I’m actually following that rule about Lore. It’s a high stakes tournament, the person you hate wears practical clothing in this weather, you just got beat by her Blaziken. They will want revenge, because thats what real people do =w=

So you pretend to be all friends and stuff, and throw a party.

Just like in the movie Unfriended.

There was a similar silly scene in Grave Encounters 2 where the protagonist ended up crossdressing and later sees a picture of him being teabagged.

…and let’s not forget every summer movie with a drinking party involving where they end up doing wacky stuff while they’re smashed.

Oh and yes I have to mention this scene too.

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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One thought on “Shoto Blaziken”

  1. You’re telling your own story here. The fight scene sets up the more important revenge scenes, so you cut a few corners. accuracy isn’t as important here as concept. She beats someone’s ass and they want revenge. How she beats them, or with what pokemons is mute. Maybe using the wrong characters sends the message that she somehow “cheated” her way to victory making her opponent’s revenge and her own demise that much more plausible. Besides, we’re all here for the wiggly stuff anyway, so on with the show!

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