I had an outage, Pixiv 205, and Project Updates

Had an outage

Well the net went out, not the electricity

m( _ _ )m I am deepy sorry for worrying everyone for my absence, had some really bad weather so our internet was knocked out for a few days. I did want to just head over to my parents to surf, but you know me, I have better things to do (9 w9)a

The Projects, I mean. And they’ve been going on pretty smoothly, there’s a couple of scenes I’ve already laid down. Not sure if I’ll use every bit of them, it’s the dark side of an artist, some things get nerfed but thanks to the idea of others, they can always be put up elsewhere.

Did you ever have a New Year’s Resolution? Everyone has one.

Well that’s kinda late to talk about isn’t it? But I suppose if there’ll be a resolution, why not do the thing I’ve always reviewed about? How about making short videos instead?  I could do that. Of course, what are your thoughts about it?

I’m aware some may say “but Erin! You’ll lose your uniqueness” not necessarily, consider how all of my previous stuff weren’t that long to begin with.  Yuri Garden? Charlie and Karen’s Oasis Dance? Airin vs. Alice? Those weren’t 15-minute long clips

Now of course that’s just an interesting idea to share. What do you think? Should I focus on shorter stuff? One of my gripes with shorter stuff is less opportunity to see those really great shots.

204th and 205th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!!!

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And here you go, interestingly I felt as if I’ve been without internet for nearly a week! So actually it turns out I was just out for two days.




Thank you so much for your support! m( _ _ )m

No daily pixiv treats for today, I actually was busy working on MMD to decide to rip anything out.


Sneak Peaks on Project Haruka


Haruka about to cause a massive car pile-up. This is one of the many “Center Screen” videos which is basic twerking, spazzing motions. We all like to look at them but we all want something different as well. It also makes sense that these “talentless” erotic dancing should be in open public spaces while her real show of feet takes place in the club… where she doesn’t really have two left feet.


Haruka at the club. While it is not obvious here, the screen on the side mirrors her choreography, albeit from a perverted angle


Haruka at the club again, ditto on the screen angle.


The cameraman is high again… this is for the side close up screens as well.

Jiggles are looking great, a bit on the exagerrated side…but That’s what we want! Admit it! >w<

So what’s the process like? Basically I make a short clip of one choreography, in a simplified background then take perverted angles. Render it as a long video (by long, I mean the dimensions)


Take that for example, by simple application of the UV mapping it’s not difficult to change the skinning of the screens so that one screen shows only one half. They’re not gifs, they’re actual AVI’s playing the same video but the texture mapping makes it look like they’re playing different clips.

Then once that is done, time to render the same choreography in the club, with the new video loaded and from an alternate, more relaxed camera angle. Rinse and Repeat.

I’m not satisifed with the pre-sex-toys phase yet, I want to do a slight remake of the humiliation parade that Airin did but this time paying tribute to a scene that kinda inspired me

It was a scene from one of the many reinterpretations of Helen of Troy, forgot which one in particular but she had to appear nude in a banquet, which kinda pissed off Hector and decided that the two run off together.


And that concludes today’s regular posting. Again, I am deepy sorry for eveyrone who was worried, I am pretty fine, and have not turned into a popsicle.

So before I resume work (but as usual feel free to chat me as always, I’m Erin_Yagakoro777 on Skype, but I only use the regular text chat and not voice or camera, but yeah feel free to sneak a look at me working) what do you think? Do you think for 2016 I should focus on shorter works? Or do you think these large projects should be my focus? Let me know!

That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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Once again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay emoji02_by_emoji_icon-d6kv97g

One thought on “I had an outage, Pixiv 205, and Project Updates”

  1. One of my all-time favorite video’s made by you (Let Me In) is only 15 seconds long its so unique and sexy It doesn’t have to be any longer. I was not even familiar with MLP when I first saw it but I have loved your style since. Now just look at this gem I found only 30 seconds long but very funny and well timed.Anyways while I do like your longer works the shorter ones are not without their charm.

    Anyways I am glad your okay.

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