202nd Pixiv and Musings after drinking

202nd Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

team run 2


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Custom motions are Tedious as hell

The whole idea of crafting a customized motion is that when you look at it, it should look pretty distinct enough. So for the past couple of hours I was pretty dissatisfied with how it turned out since it just looked like a rehash of my previous motions.

I do have to say a couple of dances would have looked great for a standalone video and that is something I should do after this major project, create some quantity after this long haul of quality. I belatedly realized this when I noticed that I never really paid attention to continuity, at least until recently.

Take this for example, there was never really any sense of continuity between ahoge Airin ahd her sister until now. Since one can now theorize that it was witnessing her sister participate in the Iron Loli Contest that made her conclude that if the biker kid ever kidnapped them, they would probably have her fuck something nasty, like a pig. No I mean the actual farm animal and not the… well you get the idea.

So yeah, the sequence of continuity might be Iron Loli -> Arashi no Saxophone -> Happy School. Why not? It would make sense that if she’s already a kind of pet to the Im@s girls it would make sense she would fantasize them joining in the fun in her theoretical parade in front of her school.

But here’s the point. That idea of plot and all, while good, wasn’t my focus. It’s just a matter of consequence. I feel like I kinda put the horse behind the wagon so to speak.

I kinda felt lost in this project for quite a bit. Never stopping of course, just felt that it needed a little more direction.


Now this is all fixed, mind you, but I thought it was worth sharing on how I felt in the last couple of days.  It felt hazy until I found a new sense of direction.

Now that doesn’t mean I’ll abandon Hinata completely, it’s just that for now, it’s more fun working on Haruka. That’s the direction that gets more progress going, so that is where I’ll focus on.

You’re an Idiot, why didn’t you animate that short film then?

Yesterday’s drinking sesssion, like every discussion on alcohol does, gave me (as well as anyone else)  an insight. We were talking about short skits of comedy we’ve seen in various shows and one of them said “can’t you animate that short five second skit in MMD then?”

A total brain fart for me.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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