Pixiv 199, Video Render, and Gameplay Musings

199th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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scythe assassin 2


m( _ _ )m I can’t thank everyone enough for your voting me always in the Pixiv Rankings! \( ̄ワ ̄)/

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Rendering the first Dance Scene

So here’s the long waiting time for the one of the multiple dancing scenes to be used, mind you I won’t be using all of the footage but it’s better to have extra material to work with and not need it rather than take selective material and need the ones you left out.

I’ve cut it pretty close and may have to do some extra triage when the time comes to render the scenes that would include extra things like sex toys and partners for May.  While the sex toys are pretty much covered already, since they are on a table which is easily seen the partners are not, and I prefer to have them come up on stage as opposed to have them just lurking around at the back…it’s a better surprise that way.

So what did I cut out from the last build? The crowd which was in sets of threes (making that 9 of them since there are three sides occupied by the audience) was cut down to two. While this may not mean much, it does mean that when it comes to those far away shots which shows the stage and the performer, the repetition of cloned movements will look more distinct.

I originally had May gagged to contribute to her slave look but having an electric pokemon holding her leash felt more than enough for me to present the idea that if she doesn’t put her back into it, she’s in for a nasty jolt. Also, considering that she’s probably going to use her mouth too… wouldn’t make sense anyway.

“But Erin! What if she spits it out? That’s what the gag is for” that’s what the leash holder is for too.

“Please upload the game”

I feel kinda flattered that some actually thought that the Terragaia video was actually a game, considering that a.) Vortex00 said so in the commentary at the end that it wasn’t a game  b.) some time had already passed and anyone reading my blog would have already confirmed that.

This idea of presenting a “game” really interests me. I see it as a kind of poke at the tropes one sees in games and in a way, is my way of saying what I want in a game as well.

Of course I won’t make that the sole reason for it to be so. Sometimes I just want to see cute sexy girls do awesome things or silly things… and sexy and cute things as well, but we tend to see more of the latter two and the former, not so much.

Another reason is economy. You may not have noticed it, unless you watch playthroughs like I do, but a lot of times you will see motions repeated again and again, usually for efficiency such as an optimal combo or a maneuver used to circumvent obstacles.

But in this day and age, it’s probably not so anymore, considering that the advent of the QTE has brought about interesting ways action is carried out.

Consider God of War 3, the battle against Poseidon’s Horse Crab Thingy, after whittling down it’s life, Kratos does awesome things in QTE like kicking a jagged log into its heart, a welcome break from all the tedious whip slinging and stuff.  But still, most gaming is still on repetitive motions albeit done in different sequences. Combos can change, lengthening when the ideal situation presents itself or truncated when they notice that the opponent is blocking.

I am aware that it’s all about making the “game’s” mechanics understandable. Looking back in Terragaia, Vortex00 hit the nail on the head when he said “I don’t know how you’d get less than a Rank S”  which is true because the way the game is represented, it didn’t make it clear that it was rewarding stealth actions.

It also wasn’t clear that Airin effectively performed two stealth kills in quick succession when she no scoped the lookout with a spear then knifed the second one.

no scope spear


I also didn’t make it clear that although the Heartless jumped in to intercept, it still counted as a stealth kill because she killed it quickly. You wouldn’t know that because I didn’t explain that alerted enemies would raise an alarm, this is exacerbated further when I blithely had the red giant chop down the suspicious cardboard box so naturally anyone would think “Airin alerted everyone”

These are things I need to make clear in my next “gameplay” project. If I am to present it as a high level gameplay then I need to make some sort of indication without forcing the viewer to read through the fast scolling text…. which by the way is a nod to GTA considering that all of the things that raise Airin’s reputation points are dickhead actions like brutal killing (as opposed to subduing and arresting), wearing lewd costumes in public, and heartlessly laughing at someone who got run over by Chen.

I’ve had quite a couple of friends who regale me with their anecdotes about some game they played. I could sense it was something difficult or high level but of course I couldn’t grasp the whole picture because I wasn’t familiar with how it operates.

Say someone said “I’m level 50”  that really doesn’t mean anything…in some games that’s close to the level cap, but in others, far from it, and in some games, particularly the action based ones, level may take a backseat to actual skill.

Saying “I beat this boss Gandernaferthal…” unless you’ve fought him, you wouldn’t know what kind of feat that was. Simplying saying “oh he’s the hardest boss in the game” still doesn’t mean much… and for someone like yours truly who played ancient roguelike games with sadistic RNG and permadeath… Dark Souls Hard is still going to need to be a little more specific… stuff like, does he react to your attacks? Does it use the optimal counter for everything you do? Is his endurance ridiculuously high? Is your entire repertoire of abilities useless against him? Is it a blockwhore SNK boss with MK2 AI who keeps running away and uses screen-filling attacks?

See, it’s all technical, and my terms are probably dated already considering most aren’t even aware what an SNK boss is or what an MK2 Walker AI is.

Say someone played a perfect run of a Kaizo Mario stage. It wouldn’t look difficult unless you’ve played that exact same level and fell for the countless traps there.

But yes, I am aware that it’s not so important as to whether or not it looks like a deep game or a button masher so long as it looks good and convincing enough to pass for one.

And that’s enough musings for now, I need to work on the next sequence of dancing. Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 199, Video Render, and Gameplay Musings”

  1. Ah, loli slaves being led onstage by leash handlers. There’s one fantasy fulfilled, lol. You could always gag them and restrain them until they were “safely” out on stage. Anyways you’ve got a great sense of what is dirty and I’m confident that whatever you make them do will be humiliating, haha.
    I also look forward with much anticipation to the twerking motions you create. You manage somehow to make your lolis butt cheeks quiver with the most delicious subtle motion that really brings their sculpted ass to life! I know this is gonna be good!
    Probably too late for this project, but I always thought that with all the sex and nudity on stage that some folks in the crowd won’t be able to contain themselves, especially with all that weed going up in smoke, lol. So I’d love to see a school girl complete with backpack wander off into the crowd, stray from her friends and end up getting gang raped by a horny group of boys as a result. After all, these stage shows are always looking for future talent.

    1. Lmao its pretty dark, and its weird she just mentioned earlier last week she isnt into Ryona and stuff. And literally, a Loli being shocked if she doesnt dance good enough, is in fact, Ryona. (If she actually got shocked, but the fact she thinks of it that way implies a Ryona-mindset).

      I dunno about all that gangrape stuff. Though she did do a bikergang vid.. Im telling you guys. Our adorable Erin is alot darker than we think. And we totally don’t like it. Like at all. That would be wrong. Its not like Yagakoro is literally fueling our dark sides addition after addition of this kinda stuff… and her cute personality contrasts so well with it, nope, not at all.


      No but really, that latest Airin entry is awesome… Im moreso surprised at how well action-oriented it is rather than the lewdities in it, well subtle lewdities.

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