Pixiv 198 and the a video is being rendered

198th time in the Pixiv Rankings!

Here you go, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and everypony else, our One Hundred and Ninety Eighth winning entry!

scythe assassin


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Rendering the first dance scene…for the Sub Screen

As I said, this is a technique I used in the Arashi no Saxophone video where the perverted close up screen shows a completely different setting, I thought it would be a good idea, using a bright background to contrast against the dimly lit venue of the main scene itself. I kind of did this with the Arcade Girl Airin video but it was a bright subscreen on a bright scene so it pretty much didn’t do a good job of it.

I plan to get at least two more other dance motions in there but I still haven’t decided what the two are, in addition there’s also one motion I need to craft myself, and it’s the twerking motion because I haven’t seen any good ones, I suppose I could take a prexisting one then work it (pun intended) so it looks natural.


So anyway while I’m rendering…

Belatedly I’m starting to read into the wikis about Pokemon. I’ll be honest here, I’m not one of the newer generation of kids so this didn’t get filed into my list of childhood memories. By the time I heard of this, it was like how people back then equated the SNES as a child’s toy while the Sega Genesis was for the cooler older crowd.

So no, while everyone was hyped on their pocket monsters I had moved onto games for more mature folks, those dark gritty games with prehistoric polygons…when Lara Croft’s polygon tits were so sharp she could cut through a swath of enemies by running straight at them while Lilith Aensland’s nonexisted ones somehow got everyone in the arcades playing as her (surprise! she might be a boy).

Basically, I was well into college at that point in my life playing KoF, CvS, SF, MVS, GG, and VS/Dark Stalkers was more of my interest, I saw Dizzy in GGX and that was pretty much the only reason I picked up the game and got into the lore of it.

Pika what? Sorry, playing Project Justice with my Momo/Momo/Momo team… she’s the only reason to get that game anyway.

So that pretty much explains why I didn’t pick up on pocket monsters, while it was airing on TV I already had access to other animes out there, ones that I wanted to see; Mahoromatic, Onegai Teacher, Onegai Twins, Happy Lesson, Pita Ten… and Eroge, lots of Eroge… so I do have to ask for pardon for jumping into the band wagon when it was hot because… well I’ve been to the real hot zones before most were aware of them.

But now that I’m no longer in the audience side of the stage, it’s only right that I start to do my homework and work with what viewers are familiar with. Let’s face it, private jokes aren’t going to be funny because they’re… Private. Nobody is going to get my Square Dog Jokes or why my Tako Lukas are always smoking weed.

And yes while it is possible to present a message without having to use known characters….it’s absurd to not use them if it fits their premise really well.

So basically from what I know so far, May is one of the playable characters which means I suppose I could run this as another of those fake gameplay videos (I guess there’s a pattern here) as an alternate kind of Pokemon world.

So that’s where I’ll cut off for today, feel free to chat me up on Skype or gmail as usual, or just comment here and I’ll get to you when I’m available


Stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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