Pixiv 197 and Choreography Phase

197th Time in the Pixiv Rankings!

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And here is your winning entry, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Drum roll please!





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Working on the choreography and camera

Now that the stage is something I’m confident and comfortable with it’s time for me to start with the alternate view camera which will display on two of the three screens.

I noticed that there is another effect this creates, as the pervert cam angles of the sub screens allow me to make the main shot (i.e. the one you see in your own monitor) be more or less steady without having to do the roller coaster and render the viewer dizzy.

Since I’ve spend quite a lot of time editing the stage it’s only fair I use more than one dance motion, also it’s very likely I could do further videos of this, or variants thereof.

Now since this will be Iron Loli 2 that means I need to improve on the previous title’s flaws. The first one had no sense of progression, the term I believe would be in medias res as Airin is already spooged on and has lots of sex toys piled on her, nothing wrong with that, as the idea was that the KH gang was to be shocked into seeing a show like that airing in their TV’s.

For now I’ll be focusing on the choreography where she’s in her hentai costume, working only in her “dressed” form once I’ve decided that it will be. I don’t feel particularly obligated to do any stripping scene on this one, at least not as elaborate as Airin or Rin has done since hey… I think I could deserve a break from it since I pioneered on how it should it be done. I can just handwave it with…

After all, we’re dealing with fictional creatures with supernatural abilities. Also since I’ll probably be introducing May in her normal outfit, I could make do with just the comparison “before and after” trope.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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3 thoughts on “Pixiv 197 and Choreography Phase”

  1. Wow that winning entry is literally lewd, taboo, violent and gorey all in one… not surprised but am it was so liked… not even sure how to feel about it, so much going on at once. Well now people know and acknowledge your R-18G-like stuff. Muhahaha, more expectations to fulfill Yagakoro, and that means more pressure, can you feel it? *evil laugh*

    Stripping scene…? Already? Yeah it would be a bit too sudden imo. Plus, youd have to go in depth on her facial expressions. Since this being (one?) of her first times, would be very bashful to say the least.

    Btw is pervert-cam upclose-booty cam? You know… just wondering.
    But hey if you want Sapphire to strip then go for it. Anything you agree and do always turns out well Erin…. can I have another wiggly-hug?

    1. (~’ w ‘~) wiggly hug for you!!!!

      I was thinking maybe I could distance the story scenes elsewhere and make the main video the one with all the sexy stuff in it, while the story build up can be another video altogether, if it’s SFW enough I suppose I could leave that for youtube or something. I was thinking in the story build up parts she’s already wearing something sexy, kinda sort of an alternate world of pokemon, which might be nice though I suppose it would have been nicer if it was more plausible by sticking a little more faitfully in the show

      1. Wow… that would actually be amazing, And I mean that. Not because its more content… but because anything you make that would make this little universe of yours we’re apart of more immersive.. would be great. We can delve deeper in the great versions of worlds you create for these characters… you’re so creative and open minded Erin….

        I got another hug… Im grateful..

        But remember… we don’t want you to feel overstressed from too much, or do too much that you dilute the main works. So I say it isnt necessary. We watch you day on and out on this blog.. so we can already tell your hands are kind of full. Save that kind of stuff for later.

        Such a expansively imaginative suggestion though!

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