Pixiv 196 and some Musings

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hearless comes in




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“I wanna do stuff like you, how do you do you?”

I’ve kinda covered this before but it’s interesting to see if I can cap it off by summaring what I’ve told about how I operate so far… just let me know if I missed anything.

But yeah, this has been asked to me and sometimes indirectly. But if it helps I’ll try to say delineate how I think I do things… it is to note that this only applies to my “dance only” events and not the fake gameplays and non-dance thingies.

So when it comes to stages, it’s important that the stages look customized. Not in the sense that it looks completely different and unique but personalized for what is going on. If you’re going to make a Love Live scene for example, then everything about that stage should say it’s a Love Live event, if that means retexturing the stage or adding decorations that are unique to their group then so be it.  If you go to a real event for example, you expect to see the band’s logo and symbols somewhere and not find that of another’s. Put it this way, if you go to a death metal concert, you don’t want to see a poster in the venue of bieber or some crap like that.

Another way to customize the stage is to make clear what the venue is all about. In Project Rin, even before Rin starts stripping the neon signs all over the bar already suggests that the entertainment there involves sexual activity, this creates a great amount of contrast between Rin’s innocence (haha!) and what is to come.

In Happy School, the hentai pictures all over suggest the great number of girls they’ve corrupted and enjoyed.

Where the stage is, also plays a great amount. If you really want exposure, you’d want the stage to be open air, somewhere passerbys can walk in and see what is going on. Despite what most people think, Arenas aren’t that public, considering the fact that you need a ticket to get in. It’s true! In Summer Night Party 2015 and other stages that take place surrounded by an urban environment, like Iron Loli, it suggests that it’s a free show and anyone can come over to gawk. Going back to Happy School, the closed off exclusive club means that the girls won’t be expecting anyone to witness what is going on and call the cavalry.

I often see a lot use an entertainment venue then decide to fill it in. If it’s due to hardware or RAM constraints then it’s acceptable but there are ways to get away with it. The simplest one is to never turn around the camera to reveal the empty venue or angle it in a way that points upward, hiding the invisible crowd.

The other thing that bugs me is when others use a stages that are supposed to be bustling with activity, except theirs takes place after The Happening. Roads, the front of schools, gyms, cafeterias… these places look better if they’re closer to real life with other people around.

But if one is really strapped for RAM then usage of stages that would be remote or synonymous with solitude would be perfect. Bedrooms, bathrooms, parks, grassy fields, forests, etc. Outdoor nature stages are not only not expected to be populated but many of such stages are delightful to behold.

Essentially it boils down to making the stage looks realistic. Concert stages should look lively, busy, and personalized for the event going on.

Another thing I do is that I never make the screen accessories blindly replay what is already going on. Sure some of them can make a great looking mirror house effect, but it’s better if it plays an avi of the same video albeit from an alternate angle, especially if the girl’s body looks really great.  If your processor can’t afford to have MMD run an avi on the screen, don’t put a screen there.

Another important thing to take account of is the diligent use of the camera. Always test the camera before rendering so that it doesn’t clip into anything and never let the camera destroy the video by clipping out of the world and revealing the “Box” of the stage. Many, many videos blithely zoom out revealing a room hovering over the void and clipping into a model or part of the stage or craning up revealing the flat textures that was doing a great job looking like 3d so long as it’s viewed head-on and not from above. This is wasted time, every milisecond should be trained on the delightful scene ahead.

I suppose the best way to sum it up is to Think Big. Bigger is always Better. If one wants to make a concert, then it should look like the greatest concert ever. If it’s a club room scene it should look like a club in Ibiza, or the Netherlands or Vegas. On the other hand, it also pays to edit the stage and trim out stuff that won’t be needed. One of the main reasons I can afford such massive sets is because many of the stages I use, have had their extraneous parts nobody will notice or won’t be shown deleted off.

Effects, always use effects. O_tonemap, O_Diffusion, PostMovie, Post Fog…what have you, always use them, they enhance the look of the movie and make the models come alive. Just as lighting can make things come alive, the Darkness adds a lot of volume and depth.

screen results3

Take this for example, by darkening much of the stage, the black silhouette crowd blends in, instead of looking like poorly rendered silhouettes it looks more like a vague living and breathing mass of hundreds in attendance.

Whenever you see shapes sticking out, always soften them



I’ve been talking a lot about the stages and background characters, but what about the main characters; the performers?

Whenever possible, humanize them by customizing their facial expressions, don’t make your models looks like dancing robots and make them react to what is going on. Blushes, sweat, smiles, and even pussy juice makes them human beings with wants and needs. It makes you love them and care about what they do.

Many take this for granted and they can get away with it because a lot of the charm of known models from other series is that they’ve already had an established character. But even so, by keeping their character and making the extradordinary circumstances plausible.

You can get away with cheap cuts so long as you make it clear what is going on before hand.  The stripping scenes in Project Rin, use a lot of cuts. It was enough for me to show Rin’s blouse being pulled up halfway the cut to it being flung in the air then cutting back to her sans her top, it works well because I showed just enough to suggest what is going on.  This is one of the oldest tricks of cinematography; you show half of what is going on and about to happen and you can now cut to something else.

For example, a common trope you see in slasher films, is the close up of the knife being raised, then it usually cuts to blood spattering on the wall or a shot of the place from a distance followed by a screaming sound effect.

Don’t be lazy when doing stripping scenes, at least show them what is being taken off and show up to the first half so that there is no mistake that she is taking an article of clothing off.

Well that’s all I can think of for now, I suppose I can continue for tomorrow or something.

That’s it for today, I’m currently reviewing lots of motion datas for me to use for Project May/Haruka the close up screen stage is already completed and now I just have to find nice dances to use.



That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

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2 thoughts on “Pixiv 196 and some Musings”

  1. Is a good thing to try to make something on your own tried but as always i get bored easy .
    Rin innocence ~( =u=)~O this made me laugh since when she was innocent,she had sex with an unknown on the public men toilet and say it on a bbs (this was on the manga but she got covered by her classmates)
    Well i hope you can make a project rin episode 2 someday in the meanwhile i will try to make a game if i feel like doing it.
    And keep the good work \( =w=)/O sensei

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