Progress Report: Triage, and Pixiv Brutality

Progress Report: The Triage

The upside-down parasols had to go since I didn’t want the bar to look too oriental, save that for Hinata’s gig instead. I also had to get rid of Pimp Duck and relegate him to another scene.  Lightening up the stage went down from 7mb to a more manageable 2mb


The only thing left was then to test if I could have the not-really-multiple videos trick.


not wanting to push my luck I just made the video play two simulataneous clips side by side. This is just a test video of course so the right side will be of the stage albeit using the tighter shots.

I edited the screens’ .x files using that picture as a reference before setting it back to screen.bmp… loaded the file and here are the results.

The video file when pared down to an mp4 container was small enough to fit in trollvids (despite the fact that it contained two movies playing in tandem and last for six minutes. But would it pass muster?

So first I loaded the main file, sans physics and effects and loaded with no mishap.  Never mind the Hinata pictures, it has something to do with the draw order, which will render Haruka’s slide show properly once activated.

screen results1

. Now again, to repeat, this is just a test video as the screens on the left and right are supposed to show the live event but in closer angles. I had to triage to the camera crew though so I decided on another compromise….

In the Arashi no Saxophone Video, the alternate camera view of Airin depicted her with a different appearance and in a different, simpler venue, but with the same choreography. I guess it’s time to pull that card again. It also gives the impression that 1.) Haruka’s already far into her dark road and that 2.) she’s already experienced enough, giving her twerking ability some credibility.

Haruka’s Slideshow was pretty simple, just a bunch of static images which are anchored to a set of bones.

Looking promising,  I decided to save then reload the file, this time with the effects on.

It crashed when I attempted to load the effects. So I triaged some of the background models, saved, played two perfect rounds of Gensokyo Tower Defense (Flan because I have a serious grudge against Boss Lily) and finally it loaded.

screen results2

So there you go, Haruka’s slideshow of static pictures loaded right and the Video”s” loaded properly as well

screen results3

TLDR: All three screens are working


Pixiv: (Heroic) Brutality!

No Pixiv Ranking Entries for today since I guess the Guro tag probably scared off a lot of people.  That or it didn’t show much of Airin’s naughty bits, which is totally understandable.

But anyway, here’s yesterday’s entry. I haven’t fully tested out the Paint/Blood effect but the picture in Beamman’s site suggests that there’s another effect that allows it to splash and stick to the model. Hmm… guess all I have to do is color it white and…



>>But anyway, Click here for Today’s Pixiv Daily Treat!<<


So I want to know your take on this. Do you think it’s okay for me to add a little more violence in my “gameplay” videos? I did intentionally pick an implied not-human character for pretty much this reason.

And… no, in case some overthinkers might have in mind. I’m not a fan of ryona, at least until I have a real use for it; such as making the viewer root for the girl and make the payoff really satisfying when she reaches the top.


That’s it for now, stay wiggly! ~emoji31_by_emoji_icon-d6kvby0~

There’s lots of work for me to do. Right now, I need to find some new motions that is appropriate for such music.

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2 thoughts on “Progress Report: Triage, and Pixiv Brutality”

  1. I didn’t think that scene was all that violent maybe you should have avoided the guro tag. As far as adding more violence I would say only if you can make it entertaining to watch like Krombopulous Michael’s scene from rick and morty.

    That fedora duck looks insane.

  2. Mfw I process “Harukas twerking abilities”..
    Yup… shes definitely done this before then lol
    Also how big was the mp4 file? Curious.

    The stage looks hype. Yagakoro… you never really stated what level of publicity this going to be?

    As far as the brutal stuff goes. I thought youd know, as a pixiv veteran R-18G stuff is gonna get like 1/4 the exposure(atleast) your nonG stuff would get… except for people who follow your pixiv and only the people who always check it would rack the views up immediately…..(*cough* totally not me *cough*). And of course, new people looking for that stuff. Though in the kinda stuff you do, G stuff is a whole new field so I wouldnt be surprised at all if only 1/8th of your followers checked it out. But nope, not too ‘brutal’ imo, its very realistic.. what the hell else is supposed to happen when a powerful loli charges and stabs a guy in the stomach with that much force? Very artistic and thought out to me.

    Though, if you truly do care about views and rankings(which we do know you cherish.. the rankings) you may not wanna go down that road, cause itll be really hard to get the same success Id assume, since it is guro involved.

    And its okay Erin, we don’t judge. If you like Ryona you like it. Its nothing wrong with it. Not like mind-controlled Lolis.. Lolis raped, Lolis being kidnapped, Lolis being held captive by biker gangs(Strapped to the front of the bikes)… Lolis blackmailed into lewd twerk contests.. Lolis being forced to screw horses and undergo public humliation and Lolis with bondage, machine dildos and stuff over their mouths would make us think your kinks are atleast RELATED to Ryona or anything…

    And Im also quite sure there surely ISNT any other people, in alllll the Patreons(you know, people actually supporting this) and followers you have, that have also noticed this trend, related these things, and actually HOPE you go further down that road, so much so, that theyre actually a Patreon and like that about you or anything… so you know.. yup, we definitely shouldn’t “over”think anything.. and surely shouldn’t hope you are into Ryona…

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